Xtreme Nitro Review

Xtreme Nitro Review

Xtreme Nitro is seemingly an amazing body building formula which claims to have several key results. The results that this products promises includes rapid fat loss, increased strength, high energy levels, maximized libido, and greater pumping ability.

Of course this product does offer some very big results, and it’s marketed that way too, with the bottle and the website being covered in Hulk Hogan-like figures. There does have to be some merit to this product because it has been featured in several high profile fitness magazines including Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health, and Muscle and Fitness, or so they claim!

One problem that we discovered when we talked to all of those magazines was that they actually claimed that they had never heard of Xtreme Nitro before, maybe because they just didn’t care, but more likely because they were too embarrassed to admit that they had ever endorsed such a bogus product. However, most likely the magazines really hadn’t heard of this product, and the makers of Xtreme Nitro are full of hot air.

There is also the rumour out there that if you combine Xtreme Nitro with a product called Maxx Test, then you will get huge results in terms of your strength and size. We are here today to talk about Xtreme Nitro, all of the rumours, and if the product actually works or not.

Let’s talk about the ingredients, the effects, and the results that it promises. We’ll give you a little hint; SCAM!

The Ingredients of Xtreme Nitro

Xtreme Nitro as is implied by the name is a supplement that is mainly made of nitric oxide. Nitric Oxide is a type of supplement that assists in dilating the blood vessels to provide an increased blood flow to your muscles.

When your muscles get more blood flowing to them that means that there is also more oxygen being provided to them, and the more oxygen they get, the better you can perform at the gym and the quicker you will recover from a hard workout. Increased oxygen levels, increased strength, and decreased recovery time are all very important when you are engaging in high intensity weight lifting exercises.

Another great part about Xtreme Nitro is that an increased amount of blood flow is essential to sexual performance, and the more blood flow you have the bigger and stronger your erection will be.

  • Green Tea Extract – This extract is really important because it helps to increase the function of your immune system and assists in increasing your overall health. Green tea extract is also vital for helping to increase focus which is essential for getting through very long and intense workout routines.
  • L-Arginine – This is a precursor to nitric oxide, or in other words it is what causes the body to produce it. Truth be told, nitric oxide is actually a gas so there is no way of ingesting in its purest form. L-Arginine is then converted into gas by your body in order to create nitric oxide which then helps to increase blood flow to your muscles.
  • Chromium – This ingredient is fantastic because it helps the body metabolize sugar at an increased rate and thus helps with rapid fat loss.
  • Yohimbine HCL – This product has been used for a very long time as a vitality and libido booster, and in fact it works great for sexual performance. This compound is also like L-Arginine in the sense that it is a precursor to nitric oxide and when ingested it will cause the body to produce the blood vessel dilating oxide.

It should be noted that while Yohimbine has been shown to be very effective, it can also be quite dangerous to human health if taken in large quantities.

There are minimal amounts of Yohimbine in Xtreme Nitro, however those with blood pressure problem, heart problems, or diabetes should do their best to avoid Yohimbine.

All of the ingredients here are proven to work very effectively at what they are supposed to do, and to achieve maximum results Xtreme Nitro should be taken 2 times per day with 1 – 2 capsules each time.

There is a problem with this supplement that we will talk about later but it isn’t actually with the ingredients. In theory the ingredients should achieve some results, however the key words here are “in theory”, just not in reality.

How Xtreme Nitro Worked For Me

In terms of my energy and vascularity, Xtreme Nitro did seem to work, at least for a while. For the first week or two I did have a much more pronounced vascular look, with my veins really popping out.

Also I seemed to have a lot more energy than I used to have. The problem was however that these effects only last for little over a week, and after the first week things seemed to go back to normal. It was almost as though my body had gotten used to the ingredients and simply flushed them out without taking in the effects.

When it came to muscle building this product did even less than it did for my energy and for my vascularity. I used Xtreme Nitro for a number of months but I never saw any real changes when it came to my muscle size and strength. This product did not help me lose weight at all and it did also not help me build muscles.

Even though I worked out for more time each day it didn’t seem to do very much at all. Don’t get me wrong, I did get a little bigger but I can attribute that to actually exercising and not to these pills. The product promises rapid weight loss, six pack abs, huge biceps, and insane amounts of energy, yet none of those things seems to be very true at all.

The one aspect that did improve for me was my libido or sexual desire and this can be attributed to the Yohimbe. Yohimbe has been used for a very long time, hundreds of years in fact, to increase sexual prowess and libido.

When it comes to Xtreme Nitro this is the only thing that I really noticed. That being said I actually also suffered from some mild side effects which I can attribute to the Yohimbe.

The side effects that I suffered from taking Xtreme Nitro included dry mouth, dizziness, and some nausea too.

The Side Effects of Xtreme Nitro

The fact of the matter is that Xtreme Nitro just doesn’t work, and even worse than that, there are some terrible side effects. The number one side effect to speak of is of course the fact that your wallet will be very light because this product is ridiculously expensive. Other than that there are many other serious side effects that can come from taking this product.

One worrying side effect is that of a chromium overdose. Sure, chromium helps to metabolize sugar faster, but on the other hand, if there is too much of it in your body it may very well cause stomach problems.

Increased amounts of chromium in your body may also cause severe kidney and liver damage; remember chromium is after all a metal. Another problem is that chromium is so good at metabolizing sugar in your body that you may actually be left with low blood sugar levels, and that’s no good either.

Furthermore Arginine also has some serious side effects that need to be discussed. Arginine is known to cause some sever stomach problems such as nausea, diarrhoea, vomiting, bloating, and gassiness. Arginine also has the ability to cause severe respiratory illnesses and issues, especially so if you already suffer from lung related issues such as asthma or allergies. Arginine is also known to cause low blood pressure, something that of course is not good at all.

The most concerning side effects arise from the ingredient known as Yohimbine or Yohimbe, and the side effects are various and numerous.

There are many notable side effects that come from consuming Yohimbe including nausea, vomiting, high blood pressure, rapid pulse, irritability, anxiety, and the flushing of the skin. In some more extreme cases some people also reported that they felt an extreme pain in their finger and hands, toes and feet, and even in the penis.

These kinds of reactions are very rare however not unseen. It must be said that Yohimbe is very potent and it works at what it does when used correctly, but just a little bit too much of it can have some very adverse effects on the human body.

Internet Impressions

Ok so the low down is that this product is expensive, it doesn’t really work, and it has some nasty side effects to boot. One way to tell that this product is more or less a scam is by the impression given off by the internet as well as the people promoting it.

Let us tell you right now that the people promoting it seem to be quite untrustworthy, and moreover there have been a large number of complaints lodged against the makers of Xtreme Nitro.

One website that we found which promotes the benefits of Xtreme Nitro was riddled with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, something that is not very convincing at all.

Many of the different websites promoting this product have atrocious grammar and seem to have a good of an understanding of the English language as my puppy dog. When you are buying a product like this you certainly don’t want to buy something that is advertised by people who can’t even get simple spelling right.

Another huge issue with Xtreme Nitro is their sales and marketing tactics, tactics which are far less than reliable or ethical. Xtreme Nitro offers a free trial, however it seems to be impossible to actually get anything for free.

Moreover once you are locked into the trial there seems to be no way of getting out of it, and people actually end up paying every month to have this bogus supplement sent to them, a supplement that is unwanted, does not work, and is even potentially harmful to human health.

The trial that people must sign up for in order to get any Xtreme Nitro also enrols people in a 12 month shipping program that cannot be cancelled by any means necessary, and that’s a big no-no.

When people with complaints called the customer service department at Xtreme Nitro they were greeted with service agents playing dumb, agents who were obviously trained to never give a refund and simply offer excuses as to why a refund is not possible. It has been so hard for some customers to get removed from the trial and shipping list that they have gone so far as to cancel their credit cards because Xtreme Nitro keeps billing them for a product that is unwanted and just doesn’t work.

The bottom line is that this product is a complete scam and the people selling it are absolutely unethical liars that are engaging in false marketing and stealing people’s money.

Xtreme Nitro – Pros & Cons

Well this is awkward, usually when we do a pros and cons section there are at least a few pros to speak of, but not with Xtreme Nitro. Some people say that they have experienced some muscle growth, but that was in correlation with an improved diet and a strict exercise routine, so the chances that it was actually the bogus supplement working wonders are quite low.

Also, some people did report increased sexual desire, but seeing as there are so many other products out there that do just the same, it seems completely irrelevant and a waste of money.

Now to get to the cons of which there are many. First and foremost, this product can only be bought on the Xtreme Nitro website, and when you do buy it you are automatically enrolled in a 12 month auto-shipping program that is seemingly impossible to get out of or cancel; in other words it’s a complete money grabbing scheme.

That is beside the point that this product is extremely expensive, something that might be acceptable if it actually worked, but it doesn’t work, not at all! Finally, pretty much every ingredient in Xtreme Nitro is proven to be highly dangerous when taken in large quantities and can produce some severe side effects.

In all reality this is a giant scam where unethical people are charging large amounts of money for something like Cyanide tablets disguised as Flintstone vitamins. The final verdict is that you should never buy this product for various reasons, and if you do consider buying it then do us all a favour and save your time.

Just flush your money down the toilet because even that is a better use of your hard earned money.


Seriously folks, just don’t waste your time and money with Xtreme Nitro because it will do you more harm than good, and will just end up causing you a bunch of pain, misery, and a depleted bank account. Go eat a banana or something!

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