Why You Should Lift Weights 2

Why You Should Lift Weights 2

Bone Health.


Bones are actually comprised of living tissue, and that means that they can grow and get stronger just like your muscles. Weight lifting and other weight bearing exercises will help to increase the strength and density of your bones. Lifting weights can also help combat the effects of bone degrading diseases such as osteoporosis.


Combat Diabetes.


Moderate strength training has numerous benefits, and this includes reducing the risk of diabetes as well as combating the effects of diabetes for the people who already suffer from it. As people with diabetes have problems processing sugar, it’s essential to engage in weight lifting because it helps your body process sugar more efficiently. As well, like we mentioned before, weight training is great for the heart and for the management of cholesterol, something that is also very important when it comes to managing diabetes. Finally, people with diabetes can greatly reduce their symptoms by engaging in regular, moderate weight training.

Your Physique.


Engaging in weight training will greatly help you reduce the amount of body fat that you carry around. Research shows that people who wish to lose weight have far more success when they lift weights than when just engaging in cardio exercises. This is because when you build muscles the body must take energy and resources from other parts within your body, this means burning more calories and fat in order to support muscle growth. When you are on a diet, your body will resort to burning both your fat and your muscles for energy, something that is definitely unwanted. To avoid losing muscle mass you need to engage in weight training.



The next reason that lifting weights is really beneficial is because it will help you stand taller and will improve your overall posture. Increasing the strength of your muscles will be able to help you stand upright for longer periods of time due to the increased strength within your body.




It is also a proven fact that weight training helps you with your mental coordination because it causes you to have to think, to plan, and to coordinate your actions more thoroughly. This will help you in your daily life by including the amount of focus that you can generate towards any given task.


Better Sleep.


A great weight training session will sap your energy and help you sleep better through the simple virtue of exercise. Also, it has been shown that weight training can help combat things like sleep apnea and insomnia too.
Weight training is the perfect way to stay healthy and keep your body looking fantastic; get out there and start today!

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