What does really help you loose weight?

What does really help you loose weight?

The discovery that reshapes all previous beliefs about an efficient diet

Everybody knows that physical exercises, combined with a low calories diet represents the key element in the fight against obesity. What seems to be a stricking paradox was emphasized recently by two Canadian researchers – an overweight patient has more chances to loose weight if he sleeps well during the night.

On the other hand, persons who sleep less than six hours per night have the tendency to gain weight. Though we are speaking about a rather sedentary activity, Jean-Philippe Chaput and Angelo Tremblay say that “sleep should be integrated in the guidelines (addressed to obese and overweight persons) that usually focus exclusively on diet and physical training” quotes lefigaro.fr.

Lack of sleep, a feature of modern society, facilitates gaining weight due to two distinct mecanisms, state the authors of this study, published in Canadian Medical Association Journal.

On one hand researchers have seen that lack of sleep determines the brain to generate the hunger feeling. On top of that, it harms the synthesis of hormones involved in balancing the apetite – leptin, ghrelin and most important cortisol – thus limiting the efficiency of a specific diet.

In the last years, moe studies illustrated the importance of sleep in the fight against obesity. One of them, held for a period of two weeks, proved the fact that patients who sleep five hours a night loose, in average, 55% less fats by comparison to patients who sleep well all night. A study undertaken with 245 women registered in a weight loss program with the duration of 6 months has proven that good quality sleep increases with 33% the chances of loosing weight.

Only money can help you loose weight?

Jessica Simpson seems to prove the contrary.

Few months after she gave birth to her daughter, Maxwell, new mommy Jessica Simpson seems to have forgotten completely the days when she was fit and looked amazing in skinny jeans.

Though gaining some weight during pregnancy is absolutely natural, what amazed the whole world was her stubbornness or incapacity to gain a bit of her pre-pregnancy shapes. Not to mention that a $ 4 million contract was put on the table by Weight Watchers provided that she looses 30 pounds until September. I mean who in the world would have this chance?

Reaching 200 pounds during her pregnancy, Jessica Simpson demonstrates to millions of women that not even the dollars in the bank account, nor the most famous dietitians or personal trainers can put you back in shape without a strong personal determination. This, by the way, should be a point to consider by all overweight persons who simply believe they have no chance because they cannot afford sophisticated diets or weight loss programs.

Obviously there is no miracle cure if it is not endorsed by a bit of effort, by discipline and by determination to really se the results.

Many would say that media pressure is too high on Jessica Simpson and the looks are her own choice. True – each person decides for herself. However, we disagree when somebody promotes an unhealthy lifestyle especially when that person has so much influence because she’s been a role model for so many years. One cannot simply change her opinion, her values, her perception on Hollywood just because she cannot admit the situation has gone out of her control.

Just to point it out: everybody has been supportive during her pregnancy, everybody agrees motherhood is one of the best periods of a woman’s life. But when you can be a model for all the people who are oversized, showing them that they can change it and life healthily – not to mention you are paid $4 million – and you still won’t do it, yoy cannot really expect appraisal.

In the meantime contract with Weight Watchers needs some renegotiation and Jessica Simpson seems to feel embarrassed for the situation. We’ll see if she will do something about it.

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