Weight Loss in Three Days: Fruit and Vegetable Diet

Weight Loss in Three Days: Fruit and Vegetable Diet

Even if you are dieting for only three days, you can still feel pleasant changes in your body. In order to achieve visible results, try to eat unlimited amount of vegetables and fruits and reduce the amount of protein you consume for three days.

The most important thing about this three-day diet is that you don’t have to starve. When your body suspects that you are starving, it stores extra fat so you could survive longer in a real starvation situation. With this diet, you can eat as much as you want, just choose products that don’t have much fat and are rich in vitamins and minerals (mainly vegetables and fruits).

When you first start the diet you will feel how smoothly and naturally it runs. Once you diet for three days and get used to the idea, you can gradually increase the amount of days that you diet each month (for instance, you can diet for three days every one, two or three weeks).

Fruit and Vegetable Diet Benefits

The purpose of this diet is twofold: first, it is an effective weight loss programme (on average you will lose two kilos in three days); second, eating nutritious fruits and vegetables for a short period of time will allow your body the time to cleanse itself, detoxify and purify. As a result, your skin will become smoother and you will feel more active and energised than ever. Fruits and vegetables contain minimum fat and maximum vitamins, as a result they are ideal for weight loss purposes.

To make the diet even more effective, consume 1g of vitamin C a day in order to burn fat and make your immune system stronger. It will also help if you drink one to two litres of water a day, as it will detoxify the organism and make the process of weight loss more successful.

Fruits, Vegetables and Health

Fruits and vegetables have a very positive effect on our brain and nervous system. By eating large amounts of fruits and vegetables every day, you stimulate your brain functions and as a result you can think faster and recall information more quickly.

Fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory polyphenolics – elements which lower the risk of developing brain and nervous system diseases. Thus, the three-day fruit and vegetable diet is not only a natural and effective weight loss programme but also an important step towards wellness and a healthy life.