Weight Lifting and The Importance of Form

Weight Lifting and The Importance of Form

Weight lifting is really fantastic for your health because it has so many different benefits. Pumping iron is of course great for your muscles because it maintains healthy muscle function and increases their size too. Not only that, but it is also great for your mobility, flexibility, balance, coordination, and focus too. That’s still not all, weight lifting and resistance training is also great for your cardiovascular health and even for your mind too.

Getting regular exercise in the form of weight lifting is great, but speaking of form, that’s what we’re here to talk about today. The form in which you weight lift is very important. The proper form and weightlifting technique is crucial to your health. If you don’t have proper form you could get seriously hurt and actually do more harm than good.


Injury Prevention

When it comes to lifting weights, the most important thing by fay is to have proper form, and that’s because without it, you can cause yourself some serious injury. When lifting weights with improper form your body becomes misaligned, and that puts a large strain on your muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints. That large strain can then easily turn into a pulled muscle, a ripped or torn muscle, or joint damage as well.

Your body needs to be symmetrical when lifting weights, and if any misalignment happens, that’s no good. Not having the proper weight lifting form and technique can cause you to lift, or try to lift the weights with different parts of your body that weren’t meant to perform those actions and can’t support that kind of weight. The injuries can be debilitating and should be avoided at all costs.

You should not have to sway your body to lift a weight. If you have to use your legs or torso when lifting dumbbells, then the weight is too much and you should be lifting less. The rule is that if you are being forced to use muscle groups that are not intended to be targeted by the exercise you are doing, then you should turn back the resistance or lower the weight because you are using improper form, improper form that definitely will cause injury.


Targeting The Right Muscles

Another reason as to why having the proper form is important when lifting weight is because of muscle targeting. If you don’t have proper form, and are forced to use other parts of your body and other muscles groups to lift a weight that should only be targeting a certain muscle group, then you aren’t really building the muscles that you want to build. If you have improper form, then that bicep curl you are trying to do will end up working your shoulders and your core more than the bicep itself. This will cause great strain to be put on your bicep and can cause it injury. Also the other muscles in your body that are forced to compensate will also be at risk of injury. Not having the proper form will also cause your muscles to grow at different rates. You want your muscles on one side to be even with the other side, if not, your body will be wonky and crooked.


Breathing Technique

The last thing that needs to be mentioned is the proper breathing technique when weight lifting. This can be very important because when breathing properly and in sync with your weight lifting, you can generate much more force. If you aren’t breathing properly, you won’t be able to generate the force required to maintain proper form and do the exercise in question properly. You always want to inhale just before you lift the weight, and exhale after lowering it again. You should keep a steady pace the whole time.

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