Wedding Dress Workouts

Wedding Dress Workouts

The Wedding Dress Workout 

Women all want to look fantastic on her wedding day, after all, looking great means feeling great. After you have found your perfect wedding dress, chances are that you’re going to be sticking to a solid diet and exercise plan to fit into the dress with ease, and not only fit in the dress, but look great in it too. These wedding dress workouts will help you look great in any wedding dress and will help you show off your assets just the way you want. You should be on a specific diet and should be doing cardio exercises too; cardio is great for burning calories and melting away those unsightly pounds, but you also need to be doing other specific exercises so you can look tones and sleek in your wedding dress.

The first thing that you need to do is find the wedding dress that suits your style and your likes. Different wedding dresses have different features, and that means that various wedding dresses will show off different parts of your body. Depending on the type of dress you get, you’re going to want to do different exercises. Always try to do your wedding dress workout 2-3 times per week, and allow yourself at least 1 or 2 days rest in between each workout. Here are a few different types of wedding dresses and several workouts which will help you look top notch in each dress.

Halter Dresses

Wedding dresses that are strapless and have an open back will show off your upper back, your arms and your shoulders. There are some workouts you can do to make your back and arms more toned and defined including one arm dumbbell rows, dumbbell reverse flys lying down, and prone dumbbell rowing on an exercise ball. Other workouts that you can do to tone your back and arms includes using an assisted pull-up machine, a seated rowing machine, a lat pull down machine, or even resistance band training too.

Gowns without Straps

These wedding dresses are beautiful, and they often have a plunging chest line, which means that they will show off your chest very nicely. Along with some good cardio exercise you can also do a number of other things to keep your chest well defined. With a dumbbell you can do chest presses on an exercise ball, normal chest presses, and lying flys too. If you don’t like using equipment you can try doing some simple pushups as well. Also, if you like to use gym equipment you can try using a chest press machine, a pec deck machine, and a cable cross machine to do standing flys.

Spaghetti Strap Dress

These dresses emphasize your arm and shoulder muscles for the most part, and there are some really good exercises you can to help these parts of your body look great on your big day. Using dumbbells you can do things like lateral raises, curls, and shoulder presses to increase the toning of your arms. Without any equipment, you can do things like tricep dips and pushups. Also, using gym equipment, you can do exercises such as the overhead press, preacher curls, tricep dips, and tricep extensions too.

Form Fitted Dresses

Dresses such as trumpet, sheath, column, mermaid, and hour glass dresses will draw attention to your hips, stomach, and your buttocks. Exercises that you can do to show off your buttocks and belly are dumbbell squats and crunches or sit-ups (these can also be done without weights). And in terms of gym equipment, you can use the leg press machine, the cable cross machine, the captain’s chair, and the standing sit-up machine as well. Other exercises that are great include medicine ball crunches, kettlebell workouts, and resistance band training as well.

Short Dresses

These dresses tend to show off the legs more seeing as they are short. Some great exercises that you can do for your legs include running, squats, lunges, wall sitting, and calf raises. Gym equipment that you can use to help tone your legs are machines such as the leg press machine and the leg curl machine.