Ways to Help You Lose Weight At Home

Ways to Help You Lose Weight At Home

Some people who want to lose weight need a little more help eating less. Fortunately, there are simple tweaks you can do to help you control your appetite.

Factors That Help Control Your Appetite

Picking the Right Plates

Did you know that the color of the plate on which you put your food affects the amount of food you eat? Some colors seem to have an appetite suppressant effect.

According to a study at Cornell University by the Food and Brand Lab, people ate 30% more when the plate and food had low contrasting color compared to high contrasting color. For example, when fettuccine alfredo is served on a white plate, you will tend to eat more than when it is served on a red plate.

Another trick is to use small bowls or plates when eating. This has something to do with controlling portion sizes, which is very difficult for many people to do.

According to one study, when given a large bowl, nutritionists scooped 31% more ice cream than when given a small bowl. The idea behind this trick, of course, is to use a small dish so you could only put in a little amount of food. Smart, right?

Designing Your Dining Room

Even if you may think it’s odd to put a mirror near your dining table, you might want to do so because it can help to curb your cravings for sweets.  According Dr. Ata Jami, a Marketing assistant professor at the University of Central Florida, increasing self-awareness can affect your perception and liking for unhealthy food.

A study showed that when some people saw themselves on a mirror eating chocolate cake, they find it less enjoyable. Dr. Jami explains that seeing their reflection eating a sugar-laden snack seems to remind them that it wasn’t healthy, so they decided to eat less.

The ambiance of the room also affects a person’s calorie consumption. A study conducted in a fast food restaurant showed that by dimming the light and playing soft music, it helped diners to eat less and at the same time enjoyed their food more. You can create the same mood in your own dining room. Just dim the lights and play your favorite jazz music on the background.

Take away distractions when you’re eating your meals. Impose a No phone or No TV rule in the dining room. When you are distracted while eating, you tend to eat more food. By eating mindfully, you can tell if you feel full or not and consume only what your body needs.

You might also like to diffuse peppermint essential oil in your home. This is because a research showed that sniffing peppermint every 2 hours helped lower calorie intake by 2800 calories in one week. Experts say that this is because of the concept called olfactory sensory-specific satiety. The peppermint odor makes a person feel full thus eating less.

Just take into consideration all the suggestions mentioned above. Hopefully, your efforts in losing weight will be rewarded.

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