The Vegetarian Diet – Live Longer and Healthier and be Slimmer

The Vegetarian Diet – Live Longer and Healthier and be Slimmer

Switching over to a vegetarian diet might be difficult initially for those who are used to eating meat every day, but in the long run, it’s much healthier than the alternative. Vegetarians are less likely to fall prey to ailments like cardiovascular diseases, breast cancer and osteoporosis in the case of women, and obesity.

Health Benefits of Turning Vegetarian

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, followed by cancer. The high level of saturated fats and cholesterol in meat is one of the main reasons for cardiovascular diseases in those who eat meat on a regular basis. Since vegetarian diets are low in fat, the risk of developing heart diseases is reduced greatly in vegetarians.

Women who eat red or processed meat every day are more likely to contract breast cancer, according to a study published in the British Journal of Cancer. This is especially seen in women who have crossed menopause. The evidence acquired by the study indicates that women who ate the most red meat were 56 percent more likely to develop breast cancer, while women who ate the most processed meat saw a 64 percent increase in the risk factor.

Vegetarians also tend to live longer. A study conducted by the German Cancer Research Center showed that vegetarianism reduced the risk of early death in 50 percent of men and 30 percent of women. It is also proved that vegetarians are less susceptible to obesity as their diet is low on fats, cholesterol and protein. While those who need a high-protein diet might face a challenge in finding vegetarian foods high in protein, in general, vegetarianism is healthier.

Vegetarianism Reduces Damage to the Environment

Millions of animals are slaughtered all over the world every day to feed human beings. 1,680 animals are killed every second for food alone. Veal is produced by taking calves away from their mothers at birth, keeping them chained in small crates and force feeding them with an anemia-inducing liquid formula. These are just a couple of examples. The true extent of the torture that animals are put through in order to provide food for people is staggering.

Adopting a vegetarian diet helps in decreasing the number of such atrocities. The more the number of people who become vegetarians the lesser would be the demand for meat, and that many more animals would be spared every day. Also, the amount of waste and pollution produced due to the rearing of livestock would be drastically reduced if the demand for meat decreases.

Vegetarianism Heals the Body, Mind and the World

The health benefits of going vegetarian are many. In addition to having a better chance of avoiding heart diseases, cancer, osteoporosis and even obesity, vegetarianism helps the environment by causing a reduction in the number of animals being slaughtered and by bringing down the amount of pollutants and wastes produced by livestock reared for food.

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