Vegetarian alimentation PART 2

Vegetarian alimentation PART 2

Moreover, with over ten years ago, dr. Ornish has demonstrated that the vegetarian feeding, very low in fat, can lead to atheroma plaque reduction in patients schedule for the bypass surgery.

If we refer to tumor diseases, the risk of prostate, breast and colon cancer is three or four times higher for those who daily consumes meat, eggs, dairy products, compared to those who abstain from animal products. And no wonder. Casein from milk has the most carcinogenic action of all products of animal origin. Vegetarian women have a stronger backbone, presents fewer fractures and, once they age, lose less bone mass, osteoporosis installs late and is less accentuated.

Perhaps the most convincing example is given by the eskimos, which, traditionally, consumes a lot of fish. Eskimos presents a high morbidity and a short duration of life.

The consumption of animal products present another aspect that can not be overlooked, namely that the pollution due to agriculture based on cattle raising is higher than that resulting of all other human and industrial activities.

On one hand, the animals graze all there is on the field, and on the other hand, the intensive cultivation of the soil in order to produce the required food for them, lead to massive erosion and irreparable loss of billion tons of topsoil.

In Central America, the big owners have destroyed nearly half of rain forests-generating, transforming them into grassland for cattle necessary for the network, constantly expanding, of the hamburgers producers.

The required land surface to feed a person with a meat based diet would be enough to feed 20 vegetarians. And about the question of whether vegetarian diet can meet the needs of nutrients, remember that an adult needs less than 40 g protein / day, ie 10-15% of total caloric intake. To those who believe beef steak is very nutritious, we remember them that the calories they offer only 25% are represented by usable proteins. Protein content of cereals exceeds, usually 10% and dry beans and peas have a protein content of 25%. And of the total calories supplied by the vegetables 20% come from protein. As you see, foods of vegetable origin contain sufficient protein quantities, besides the fact that are rich in fiber, low in fats and cholesterol free.

Finally, one last question: How will influence weight the shift to a vegetarian diet?

If you replace meat with donuts, fried potatoes and other “goodies” rich in fats and sugar, then surely you’ll gain weight.

However, if you choose to feed with natural foods prepared simple, non-fat, then if you have extra kilos, you can get rid of them and you can maintain a normal weight.

Changing alimentation can be done from one day to another, but you can make a slow transition also, starting with a day or two per week without animal products.

If a large part of humanity will shift to vegetarian alimentation, remains enough food for more than 800 million people suffering from hunger worldwide. Think that only in the US daily are sacrificed 9 million animals for food that in no case can be labeled as the best.

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