Vegetarian alimentation PART 1

Vegetarian alimentation PART 1

In Germany, weekly, 4,000 people quit eating meat, entering the vegetarians camp.

When it comes to exclusively vegetarian diets, some fear that this way of nutrition will diminish the physical strength and work capacity in general, and the parents wonder if will not interfere in a negative way in the development of children.

We should not be surprised by these retentions, Since we all grew up with the idea that milk and meat build a strong body, which is perfectly true, as long as the baby is fed with breast milk. But after the wening things change, and the animals have given us a lesson for thousands years, which is now confirmed by the nutrition science.

Observe, please, the performance athletes and see what they feed on in order to acquire a higher resistance in tournaments. Ask the tennis players or triathlon champions and they will respond that they practice the “load of carbon hydrates “, avoiding meat, cheeses and animal fats.

Let’s see what the researchers in the field of sports medicine say.

A classic study was conducted, more than 30 years ago, by the scandinavian researcher dr. Per-Olaf Astrand. Working with an atlethic group with a very good physical condition, dr. Astrand changes their diet every three days. At the end of each period of three days the athletes had to pedal on a bicycle with a high speed until exhaustion. And here are the results obtained:

After three days of a diet rich in meat, so, rich in proteins and fats, athletes could pedal 57 minutes.

After three days of mixed diet, meat, fat and protein poor but rich in vegetables, the athletes could pedal a hour and 54 minutes, so twice more.

After three days of exclusively vegetarian diet, the pedaling duration was two hours and 47 minutes, three times more than when they fed with a diet rich in meat and fat.

The spectacular improvement of exercise resistance after a diet exclusively vegetarian did not surprise any observer of animal world. Ox, horse and elephant have no resistance problem

or lack of strength, s long as they receive their exclusively vegetarian food. Horses can run at high speed for hours. Elephants can run very fast 10-12 hours. You can imagine what it means to have on the back a load of over 6 tons and to run 10-12 hours at a speed of 40 km / hour?

Instead, carnivorous animals, for ex tigers, leopards etc. have excellent speed at the start, but get tired very quickly, sometimes in less than five minutes. Undoubtedly, in the animal kingdom, the resistance or the ability to have more energy for long periods is a characteristic of those who feed exclusively vegetarian.

Regarding to humans, the lack of relevant information and the desire to meet the tastes, made that as standard of living growth and the extent economic conditions improvements, to be consumed increasingly more food of animal origin.

And what are the consequences? Seven in ten americans die prematurely from heart attacks, cancers and stroke. And those who recognized the causes wrote in a JAMA editorial: “Total vegetarian diet can prevent up to 90% of strokes and 97% of myocardial infarction’’.


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