Why Use Natural Handmade Soaps

Why Use Natural Handmade Soaps

Did you know that the soap you buy in the store may not be actually soap but synthetic detergent bars? These syndets, as often called, have synthetic chemicals in them and are harsher than soap. Syndets use petroleum distillates, while natural soaps use skin friendly oils like olive oil, palm oil or coconut oil.

Reasons for Choosing Natural Handmade Soaps

If you’re thinking about the reasons why you need to use natural handmade soap, you’ll be surprised to find the many benefits of using this product. Natural handmade soaps are way better than the soaps with harsh chemicals. They’re better for your skin and for the environment.

The human skin is made of a permeable membrane which makes it easy for small entities to pass through it. When you use artificial soaps with harsh chemicals, you’re allowing chemicals to enter your body through the skin. This can be harmful to your body.  But if you use natural handmade soaps, you don’t need to worry about these harsh chemicals. Natural handmade soaps are skin friendly and will take very good care of your skin.

Although it is cheaper to buy artificial soaps, they don’t give more benefits. Yes, the standardized chemicals they contain will clean your skin, but nothing more. In fact, the chemicals can potentially harm the skin making it dry. Some soaps which are advertised as antibacterial and antimicrobial contain triclosan. According to some studies, this substance can cause cancer. Handmade soaps are premium products so you may need to pay more. But you get more health benefits to your skin. They contain less ingredients but in the right proportions. They contain natural oils that are good for the skin.

Natural handmade soaps contain glycerin. This ingredient is a soothing emollient often used in lotions and moisturizers. Glycerin will make your skin healthy and smooth. Handmade soaps are also naturally scented. They don’t use chemicals to make them smell good. In addition, they are molded to look very appealing to the eyes.

The chemicals in most commercially manufactured soaps are not environment friendly. When these accumulate in bodies of water, the oxygen in these bodies gets depleted. Because natural handmade soaps are free of chemicals, they don’t destroy the environment.

How do You Choose the Right Soap

Not all handmade soaps are made the same. If you don’t know what to look for, here are some things you should know before buying a handmade soap.

The best method for producing really good handmade soap is called the cold process. This process does not use heat after saponification, that is why, it takes a long time. Ask if the handmade soap is made via the cold process before buying.

Read the label to know for sure if the soap is made only of pure, organic oils or fats. See to it also that it is without artificial fragrance or coloring. If seeds, petals, essential oils or colorants are added to the soap, make sure they’re certified organic.

It is good if the handmade soap contains Bentonite clay. This substance increases soap lather. It also naturally detoxifies the body and is eco-friendly.

If you would like healthy skin, choose natural handmade soaps instead of the commercially manufactured soaps. Doing so protects the environment as well.

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