Training For A Hill Climb Race

Training For A Hill Climb Race

Running or jogging on a flat surface is one thing, but running up and down hills is a whole new level of difficulty. For both beginners and veterans of running, doing the patented hill climb can pose quite the challenge. Most people try to avoid the hills when they run, but that isn’t the best choice, because after all, running a hill poses a bigger challenge and will thus get you into better shape.


Running a hill is very challenging, however it’s not impossible. You do need to engage in hill climb training before attempting a long race that involves lots of hills. Without the adequate training and preparation you will very quickly find that you aren’t going to be able to finish that hill ridden marathon. Below are some great tips for training and some great training exercises to get you ready for that big hill climb run. There are 5 essential factors that need to be taken into account and prepared for when running a race like this, and they are listed right here.


Your Tempo


One of the most important things to remember when running up or down any hill is that you want to maintain a steady pace. This pace should be slightly under your normal pace when running on a flat surface. A big mistake that many runners make is to run down a hill at a quicker pace than they would normally run, and this goes for the uphill journey too. If you run up or down a hill too fast, you are going to overextend your limits and end up walking in no time at all.


Another negative aspect of running too fast, especially when going down a hill, is that you will find yourself out of control and prone to falling or tripping because of your out of control pace. So, when going uphill, always keep a steady pace, a pace which should be substantially slower than your regular pace, and when running downhill you need to make sure that you don’t go too fast as well. Remember, pacing yourself is everything!

Good Form & Posture


When running up and down hills it’s really important to pay close attention to your body posture and the form in which you run. One mistake that many runners make when attempting to run up a long hill is to bend over much too far at the waist. Another issue that many people have when running up a hill is running with too wide of a stride; this will cause problems for sure. Always be sure to only bend forward slightly (not at the waist) and take nice short steps, as this will increase your hill climbing endurance.


Some tips concerning proper form and posture when running a hill include shortening your stride so that your feet never extend past your knees, take quick and short strides, lean forward at the ankles and not at the waist (this will allow gravity to help you get up the hill), and every time you drive forward, make sure that your arms are back (it will help distribute the stress of running more evenly while allowing you to maintain your endurance).


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