Top 9 Most Gruelling Triathlons In The World

Top 9 Most Gruelling Triathlons In The World

Participating in a normal triathlon is hard enough. Miles and miles of swimming, running, and cycling make for a very challenging day or two, but that is nothing compared to some of the ultra-marathons that we have listed here. The events outlined below are the 9 most grueling triathlons in the world with some very challenging terrain and some insane distances being covered. Enjoy!


The Double Brutal

The Double Brutal is a ridiculous triathlon that takes place in Wales every year. There is a good reason that it is called the Double Brutal and it’s because it involves a near 5 mile swim through a frigid lake, a 224 mile long bike ride that goes well into the night, and finally a 52 mile run through some serious terrain. The cycling and running parts of this triathlon are extremely hard due to the very steep, rocky, and hilly terrain in the Welsh countryside. This triathlon is performed in one single go without any rest in between events.

The Savageman Triathlon

This triathlon isn’t quite as long as some of the other ones on this list however it is definitely a very hard race none the less. One of the hardest parts of the Savageman Triathlon is the cycling portion that takes place on a 31 percent incline up a solid rock wall; people tend to fall and go tumbling down the hill quite often. Furthermore the running portion of this race contains a 1950 foot elevation increase with many stretched being over 20 percent in steepness. This triathlon takes on average one hour to complete with a record of just over 30 minutes. Getting up Savage Mountain is definitely one of the hardest parts that this triathlon entails.

The Newton 24 Hour Triathlon

This is definitely one of the longer and more grueling triathlons that has been created. As the name implies it is a triathlon that runs for a straight 25 hours and it takes place in Wisconsin U.S.A. The Newton 24 Hour Triathlon consists of a 0.24 mile swim, a 11.2 mile bike ride, and a 2.6 mile run. This may not sound like much, but athletes will go through these 3 parts on a continuous loop for 24 straight hours and compete to see who can do the most loops in the 1 day period. This triathlon can be performed by single competitors or can be done by a group of people as a relay race.

The Silverman Triathlon, 70.3 Iron Man

This triathlon takes place in the Nevada desert which should already be a very clear indication that this is a very tough triathlon because doing any kind of physical activity in the desert is extremely challenging. This race is actually half of an ironman race and has been recognized as a legitimate competition by the ironman competitors. The Silverman Triathlon consist of a 1.2 mile long swim, a 56 mile long bike ride, and a 12.1 mile long run. This is considered to be one of the very hardest triathlons for any athlete to compete in.

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