Top 9 Most Gruelling Triathlons In The World. Part 2

Top 9 Most Gruelling Triathlons In The World. Part 2

The Norseman Extreme Triathlon

This triathlon is yet another grueling one that is considered one of the most challenging in the world. In fact the terrain is so difficult and dangerous that people will have their own support crews to keep them from going down. This Triathlon takes place in Norway and you can imagine how cold that water is! The triathlon consists of a 10 mile swim through frigid waters, followed by a 180 kilometer bike ride, 40 kilometers of which is up extremely steep terrain, and that is followed by a 1880 meter ascent up a mountain. The height of the mountain is 1880 meters off of the level at which the participants start at and is substantially longer in total distance. This triathlon is so intense that participants must also pack their own food and emergency gear.


The Enduroman Arch To Arc Triathlon

This is one of the longest triathlons that exists to date, so long that it starts in England and ends in France. The Enduroman Triathlon starts at London’s Marble Arch where participants run 140 kilometers to the Kent Coast (Dover). Once they have reached dover participants engage in a 34 kilometer swim over the English channel to the French coast (Calais). The participants are actually accompanied by their own boat to make sure that they don’t drown while swimming through the English Channel. After you have reached Calais on the French coast participants do a 290 kilometer bike ride until they get to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. This triathlon is so extreme that only 13 people have ever finished it, with the record being 73 hours and 39 minutes.


The Deca Ironman Triathlon

This is by far one of the most challenging triathlons to ever grace planet earth and it takes a very special kind of person to be able to finish it. This race usually takes place in Monterey Mexico, but has also been known to take place in other global locations too. The Deca Ironman Triathlon consists of a 2.4 mile long swim that takes place in a pool, a 180 kilometer long bike ride, and a 40 kilometer long run. If this doesn’t sound bad enough, each of these components are repeated 10 times over ten different days, thus being named the Deca Ironman Triathlon; it’s pretty much doing the same Ironman race 10 days in a row. The person with the shortest time wins.


The Red Bull Caveman Triathlon

This triathlon is longer than most others and for that reason only top athletes and Olympic class competitors get to compete in it. This triathlon consists of crossing rivers, deserts, mountains, and various other obstacles. Racers start out with a 250 kilometer long bike ride, followed by a 350 kilometer run, and finishes of with a 250 kilometer long kayak race. Mind you that none of the terrain is easy and a lot of the biking and running takes place in steep and treacherous caves. There are not very many people who can both participate and successfully finish this triathlon.

The Swissman Extreme Triathlon

There is a good reason that this triathlon is labeled as Extreme and it is because Switzerland is not as friendly as people may think. The race starts with a 4 kilometer swim through cold waters, which is followed by 180 kilometer long bike ride, and finished off with a 42 kilometer run. This may not be the longest triathlon on the lost, but there is one big factor we left out, the mountains. The cycling and running portions of this triathlon take place over 3 big mountain passes. Just imagine biking and running up and down 3 separate mountain passes for over 220 kilometers! These mountain passes have extreme weather with rain, snow, hail, and everything else that you could imagine being thrown at you in a mountain range.

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