Tips to Safely Get the Perfect Tan

Tips to Safely Get the Perfect Tan

Tips to Safely Get the Perfect Tan

Girls love the summer season. It’s the perfect time to get a suntan — that lovely golden-brown hue. A suntan does not only make you look attractive, getting the tan can also be healthful.

When you go sunbathing, you also get more vitamin D, an essential vitamin for healthy skin, strong teeth and bones. Exposing your skin to sunlight also increases the serotonin levels in your body. Serotonin is a hormone that naturally helps the body relieve stress and alleviate depression.

You may like sunbathing a lot and won’t hesitate doing it. But you need to understand that there are risks that come with sunbathing like sunburns, skin cancer and possibly early aging.

Safe Sun Tanning Tips

To avoid the harm that sunbathing can do to your skin, you need to remember these tips for safe sun tanning:

Buy a good sunscreen

When you look for sunscreen products in the market, you’ll have lots of options including lotions, gels and spray. Do you know which one to buy?

Be sure to choose a sunblock that offers good sun protection. When a sunscreen is labeled SPF30, it can filter 97% of UV rays. A sunblock with SPF50 can filter 98% of UV rays. Another thing you need to look for on the label a good sunscreen is the phrase ‘broad-spectrum.’

Get your beautiful tan at just the right times

Don’t spend all day sunbathing on the beach or poolside. If you do, you will damage your skin and you will be dehydrated especially if you stay from 10 am to 4 pm. You can spend at most 2 to 3 hours under the sun and still get a beautiful tan safely.

Aim for an even tan

If you want to have an even tan all over your body, don’t forget to turn your body every 15 to 30 minutes. Having multiple colors or uneven tan on your body is not appealing. Use an umbrella to give you some shade when you need to take a break between sunbathing. Doing so will help you avoid sunburns and have longer lasting suntan.

Bring your summer accessories

Use sunglasses, hat, and umbrella as added protection when you expose your body to UV rays. And to stay hydrated, drink plenty of water.

Artificial Tanning Option

You can safely have a beautiful tan with these tips in mind whenever you go sunbathing. If you want to tan your skin, but do not like going outdoors and exposing your body to UV rays, you have another option. You can use bronzers or tanning lotions to fake the tan. There are many products out there that can give you a glamorous tan without needing to spend time outdoors.

Don’t use a tanning bed, go outdoors instead.

Don’t believe what they say that you can get a tan using a sunbed without worries. When you use a tanning bed, you’re exposing your skin to ultraviolet radiation that is 12 times more intense than natural sun bathing. You will be at risk of skin cancer even more in the long run. So, just go outdoors and get your tan naturally.

So, are you ready to get your tan?

Photo credit: Lady Mae Pamintuan via Flickr, CC BY-ND 2.0

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