Tips for your Next Charity Race 2

Tips for your Next Charity Race 2

Arrive Early

Just like with any other event, it’s better to show up a little early than much too late, and that being said, for any run, you should be there at least one hour in advance to the start of the race. You are going to need time to register for the race, get your race packet and your race bib, and give you some time to warm up, stretch, and even hit those fantastic portable toilets really quickly too. Always keep in mind that the closer it gets to the beginning of the race, the more people will be waiting in line for the toilets, and you certainly don’t want to miss the start of the race because of an ill-timed bathroom break.


Wearing the Bib Right

You should always wear your race bib with your runner number on the front of your shirt, not on the back. This is for the reason that the people officiating the race will have an easier time seeing you and calling out your number when you cross the finish line, as opposed to the bib being on the front; that will make it harder to identify you.

Secure Your Chip

Many races now use computer chips to time the runners, the chips often being located on the underside of the race bib. Some races also use chips that attach to your shoes using a zip-tie. Chips are the best way to monitor a race because they are very accurate, and computers don’t lie. If you know that the race you are running is going to be using a chip, then you want to show up a little earlier than you had planned. This is important because the line-ups for the chips can be quite long just before the race. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that it is essential that your bib number matches your chip number, because if they don’t match, you will be running as somebody else. The chip gets activated at the start of the race when you cross the specialized floor mat (you need to cross over this matt or your chip will not begin recording your race time). The same thing goes for finishing the race; you need to cross the second set of mats that will stop your chip timer and record the final race time that you have achieved. Also remember to return the chip when you are done the race, because some organizations will charge you money for a lost chip.

Warming Up

Warming up before your race is a great way to relive anxiety and get the butterflies out of your stomach; warming up is a relaxing way to get ready for the race. Not only that, but warming up is also crucial because it stretches your muscles out and gets the blood flowing. If you don’t stretch and warm up you can risk injury due to stiff muscles. A great way to warm up before any serious race is to go on a little 15-20 minute walk or jog; don’t go all out though because you don’t want to sap your race energy! After going on your little jog, it’s a great idea to do a proper set of stretches too. A good tip is to actually jog or walk some of the race in advance, that way you will be warmed up and you will also get to see what the race track looks like, giving you a competitive advantage.

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