Tips for Shaving a Little Sugar from Your Diet

Tips for Shaving a Little Sugar from Your Diet

If you cannot stop your sugar cravings, perhaps this research will give you the extra motivation to do so.

A Little Less Sugar Will Go a Long Way

Keeping your sugar intake to no more than 10 percent of your total calories may not be a lot, but it can have a significant impact on your body weight. In fact, if everyone with a weight problem will only do this, it could help stop the obesity epidemic.

A high consumption of sugar is often linked to many health problems, including obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and clinical depression. The World Health Organization already made the suggestion to keep “free sugar” consumption to less than 10 percent of a person’s total calorie intake, but some researchers wanted to see first how this recommendation could affect total body wellness.

Free sugar refers to the extra sugar added to certain foods and dishes. It may be in the form of table sugar, honey, fruit juice or syrup. The sugar content in whole fruit is not considered as free sugar.

It was reported that study participants who reduced their sugar intake lost two pounds on average. The drop in pounds is not a big number, but it is enough to cut a person’s risk for diseases associated with sugary diets and too much weight gain.

As a side note, many U.S. researchers recommend that reducing the sugar-sweetenend drinks consumption of the population be made a priority. To push this agenda, they even expressed their support for imposing taxes on sugared drinks, restricting serving sizes and lessening junk food advertising aimed at children.

Tips on How to Cut Down Your Sugar Intake

Strive to eat a well-balanced diet. Find a healthier substitute for your usual sweet treats. You can munch on whole fruits to satisfy your sweet cravings.

Eat a generous serving of protein and fiber. Drinking more water and having enough sleep can also help reduce your cravings for sweets. According to studies, when we’re tired, we tend to eat more sugar to compensate for the needed energy boost.

What to Do when Craving for Sweets?

Keep yourself busy. When you feel the urge to reach for a sweet treat, hold it off for about10 minutes and do something else. Maybe take a walk or call a friend on the phone. Distracting yourself could stop you from wanting the sweets.

Taking a walk can reduce your sugar cravings. The journal Appetite published a study that showed the difference that a brsk 15-minute walk can do. People who took a brisk walk ate only half the amount of chocolate, while those who did not walk ate the whole chocolate.

Brush your teeth and you will likely dislike eating something with a minty taste.

Plan when you eat. The reason why a person goes binge eating is because he is starved and has low blood sugar levels. When you schedule your meals and snacks throughout the day, you avoid binge eating.

Don’t stock up on sugar. If you would like to avoid sugary foods, don’t keep ice cream in your freezer. What about the other members of the family? Have an agreement to buy healthy sweet treats to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth.

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