Things You Should And Shouldn’t Do When Starting A New Routine 2

Things You Should And Shouldn’t Do When Starting A New Routine 2

Things That You Shouldn’t Do When Starting A New Routine

  1. The first rule when you work out is to never overdo it and don’t over-train. The human body needs time to rest and recover, it’s almost as important as the exercise itself. In the beginning, rest every second day and then when you get more comfortable you can rest every third day, and so on.


  1. You should never skip breakfast, because when it comes to working out it’s really the most important meal of the day. This is because eating a well-balanced breakfast will get your metabolism going early in the day, and it will also give you the energy you need to get through the day and to get through that workout.


  1. The next thing you should never do before doing any kind of exercise is to skip the stretching. Stretching your muscles limbers them up and prevents you from pulling a muscle or causing other injuries. You should stretch both before and after every workout that you do, and this goes for cardio and strength training exercises alike.


  1. Never skip a good night’s rest before you plan on working out. You can’t exercise if you are tired because you won’t have the energy or the concentration. Also, sleeping is the time when your body recovers the most, and as discussed before, recovery time is very important.


  1. The point of working out is of course to lose weight and to get fit, but the mistake that many people make is setting unrealistic goals. A realistic goal to set is losing maybe 1 or 2 pounds per week at most. Any more than that and you will most likely just be disappointed with your “failure”, failure caused by an unachievable goal. You have to stick with your routine for weeks or even months before you really begin to see results, Rome wasn’t built in a day.


  1. When starting a new exercise routine you should never compare yourself to others. This is because everyone is different and everyone’s body grows and changes at a different pace. Comparing yourself to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson probably isn’t a great way to go about things, but then again, comparing yourself to a stick figure won’t do either. You are your own person so do things your way, and do them at your pace.


  1. Never work out at random, or in other words, stick to a set schedule that involves a specific time of day as well as the days per week. Your body adjusts to a schedule so it becomes easy to continue exercising; it simply becomes a part of your daily or weekly routine.


  1. One of the most important things to never do is to give up hope, quit, or tap out. You should never quit, and no, you won’t see results in just one day, and you probably won’t turn into superman, but you will feel better and look better too.


  1. The final thing that you shouldn’t do is to forget the little rewards. You need to feel good about the exercise and the results. For many people the results aren’t enough, and for those in the beginner stages of exercising, it can be hard to see results right away. Try not to make the reward be any kind of food, but then again, it won’t hurt to have a cookie every now and them. Just realize that using a food as a reward is working backwards from your goals.