The Benefits of Strength Training

The Benefits of Strength Training

You can call it what you want, lifting weights or pumping iron are different ways for saying the same thing. Strength training or lifting weights is very important for things like maintaining and growing muscle mass, for building endurance, combating certain illnesses and the effects of old age, and for increasing your overall fitness level.

Some people are concerned about strength training because of so called bad side effects that it can have, and some people are downright intimidated by it. If you start out slow, don’t lift more than you can comfortably manage, and do so in proper weight lifting form, lifting weights is exponentially beneficial for your health.

There is no reason to be scared of weight lifting and pumping that iron should definitely not be avoided. There are numerous benefits that come with lifting some dumbbells or whatever you may be using to strength train. Ten of the benefits that come along with engaging in strength training are listed below.


Everything You Do Will Be Easier

This isn’t a lie and it’s certainly not an over-exaggeration because lifting weights really does make everything in your life much easier. The main point of lifting weights is of course to build up your muscle mass and make you physically stronger, and those bigger muscles will help you in your daily life too. Everything from carrying groceries, doing chores, picking up your children, and walking up or down stairs is made much easier when you have some decent biceps! Strength training is also great for many other reasons which include greatly increased flexibility, and better balance and coordination. Strength or weight training also helps reduce the risk of falling by as much has 40 percent. In all reality, strength training really does make your whole life much easier.


Increased Calorie Burning

Yes, lifting weights itself does help to burn calories, and that is especially the case if you do circuit training. Circuit training is like a mix of weight training and cardio, and that works wonders when it comes to burning off those unsightly pounds, but that’s not all. Weight training also helps you lose weight and burn calories even when you aren’t physically exercising. This is because your body requires energy to maintain strong and big muscles, and the bigger your muscles are, the more energy your body needs to consume to maintain them. It actually takes much more energy to maintain muscle mass than it does to maintain fat mass. This means that your increased muscle mass helps boost your metabolism and that means burning off calories at a far higher rate than if you didn’t have very much muscle mass.

Reduced Stress and Better Moods

When you exercise, your body, or more accurately, your brain, releases chemicals and endorphins into your body which are scientifically proven to improve moods and relieve stress. The term runner’s high is a great example of this, but it’s not the only one. That high also applies to weight lifting and resistance training too. Weight lifting is also great for relieving stress and taking care of anxiety because of those chemicals your brain releases, and not only that, it just feels good to accomplish something as well. IT is also scientifically proven that people who exercise on a regular basis and have a fit body are also much less depressed, stressed out, and actually have much less stress causing hormones in their bodies. Sure, weight lifting is great for the body, but it’s also very beneficial for your mental state.

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