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Facts You Should Know About Calcium – Part 2

In the first article on the topic of calcium, its health benefits were discussed. While it is common knowledge that calcium is essential to a healthy body, we need to

Fitness Health Weight Loss

Exercise and your Heart 2

Instead of parking right in front of the store or your work, you can park further away in order to give yourself a little walk. If you take the bus,

Fitness Health Weight Loss

Exercise and your Heart

  Exercise of all kinds is fantastic for the way your body looks, for your fitness level, and for your overall health too. Many people may think that regular exercise

Diet Health

Low-Carb or Low-Fat Diet: Which is Heart Healthy?

According to researchers, shedding belly fat through a low-fat or low-carb diet can benefit the function of your blood vessels and arteries. Losing Belly Fat Using Two Diet Methods A


The Effects of Calcium on Women’s Heart Health

Recent studies reveal that taking calcium supplements has another effect aside from preventing bone deterioration. It may actually increase the risks for heart disease. Looking for Evidence from Studies Even

Diet Health

How Diet Affects Your Heart Health

The heart is like an engine. Feed it the right fuel and it will work smoothly, but feed it the wrong fuel and it will go crazy. So, you need