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What is Ciguatera Fish Poisoning?

Barracuda and Grouper May Be Toxic Eating barracuda, grouper and other big, tropical predatory reef fish can result in a type of food poisoning known as ciguatera fish poisoning. The


What’s the Difference among Wild, Farmed or Hybrid Salmon?

The common knowledge is that fish either come from the farm or from the wild. However, you should know that about half of the salmon supply comes from the two

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How the Omega-3 in Fish Can Help You to Stay Healthy

The reason for eating fish is not just because of the lean protein you can get. Research reveals that fish offers more amazing benefits to your health, so it is

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Fish contain toxic substances PART 2

Today, cancer in fish is met more frequently than 50 years ago. National Cancer Institute in the US found a higher rate of cancer deaths among populations that areliving in

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Fish contain toxic substances PRT 1

In 1997, Philippe Grandjean and collaborators at the Odense University, Denmark, published alarming results found in over 900 children from the Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic: the higher mercury

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Omega-3 fatty acids have some benefits, but mostly are bad PART 1

Cell membranes contain lipids, and the vulnerability of these membrane towards the damage produced by free radicals is direct connected to the degree of unsaturation of the lipids entering their

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Should we eat fish? PART 2

The study carried in Netherlands watched 852 men, but researchers at Harvard University have studied 44.895men working in the health sector, and the data obtained amazed the medical world: men

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Should we eat fish? PART 1

Many of those who renounce to eat meat considers that fish would be a healthy alternative. That is because of the fish oil advertise as being useful in preventing stroke.