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What is Nature Cure Dietary Therapy?

Nature Cure, otherwise known as Natural Therapeutics, has been practised since ancient times, where Hippocrates believed in the benefits of natural healing properties associated with the sun, water and certain


Detoxifying the Body through Fasting

You probably have heard about fasting. It’s a popular topic not only because of its religious significance, but also because of its health benefits. Not all people understand the health


What Happens When You Fast – Part 2

The Health Benefits of Fasting It is believed that fasting has many health benefits. Listed below are some of them. Benefits on the Heart Two studies conducted by the Utah’s Intermountain


What Happens When You Fast – Part 1

There are claims that periodic fasting is beneficial in many ways including treating allergies and helping with weight loss. Are these true? Let’s find out in this article the truths