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Chili Could Help Control Blood Sugar in Diabetes: Capsaicin from Chili Shown to Control Insulin, Glucose Levels

Capsaicin and dihydrocapsaicin are the active ingredients in chili peppers that give the characteristic chili bite. The antioxidant properties of chili are already well known, so researcher Dr Kiran Ahuja,

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Feline Obesity and the Dietary Link

Pets rely on their owners to take care of them; this is, obviously, a huge part of the responsibility of owning a pet. Why is it, then, that so many

Diet Health Nutrition

Soy and cancer PART 2

Most cancers are sporadic, with mutations that occur at tumor headquarters without being inherited. Then what is the role of diet? How can the diet produce or to prevent these

Diet Health Nutrition

Soy and cancer PART 1

In 1997, researchers in the cancer field were excited as hell when Judah Folkman and collaborators at Harvard University, USA, have notified the discovery of a substance that could make


Know the Facts to Stop Diabetes

If you want to lower your risk of having diabetes, it is important to make healthy food choices. This article discusses the basic facts about diabetes and what a person