Sweat-Free Workouts

Sweat-Free Workouts

Heavy sweating is one of the ways that lets everybody know that a workout has been done right. It’s a way that your body has of showing how hard you have really worked, and when you work hard and get that heart pumping, the sweat starts flowing too. The problem for many people is that they just don’t like to sweat because it can be quite inconvenient and just plain gross too. Sweat gets in your hair, in your eyes, and makes you smell bad too. This hate of sweat, for some people, gets to the point of actually refusing to work out just because they don’t want to sweat.


One good way to get around the heavy sweating is by doing low intensity workouts instead of high intensity workouts. Sure, the high intensity workouts are really great for your cardiovascular system and for your strength too, not to mention it helps you lose weight, but performing low intensity workouts definitely has its benefits as well. There have been several studies that show that people who perform low intensity workouts such as Yoga, Pilates, or Tai chi, have their blood pressure reduced after just 90 days. These low intensity workouts were also shown to reduce blood sugar levels and assist with insulin resistance as well. These same people also said that they had improved moods and less depression, an easier time sleeping, had more energy during the day, and had an overall reduction of stress.

When it comes down to it, for many people, low intensity workouts are much more enjoyable than the high intensity variety, and that’s usually because it’s a lot more comfortable and much less sweaty. And that’s how it should be, because exercise shouldn’t be a drag, a punishment, or some form of medieval torture; that’s not going to make you stick with it for a very long time. You need to exercise regularly, and the best way to get motivation for that if you really don’t like to sweat, is to stay with low intensity workouts that aren’t going to make you sweat nearly as much. With the exercises listed below, you aren’t going to left a sweaty and smelly mess, and you probably won’t even have to shower afterwards. Here are 8 great low intensity workouts that will keep you fit and healthy without making you sweat like a pig. One thing to keep in mind is that if you’re looking to burn serious calories and lose a lot of weight, then these low intensity workouts will have to be paired with other higher intensity workouts as well; your results will always reflect your efforts, and if you are looking to only do exercises that won’t make you sweat, you should be aware that you will never achieve the same results as when you work out to the point of looking like Niagara falls made out of sweat.



Pilates is a mixture of different things including dance, yoga, gymnastics, and calisthenics, and they are great for a variety of things, plus, it isn’t going to make you sweat a whole lot. Pilates is fantastic for strengthening your core, making you more flexible and mobile, and for improving your body posture as well. Pilates involves virtually zero cardio but still managed to get you back into shape, especially the exercises that target your abs, back, and your overall core strength.



One of the reasons that swimming is so great is because you spend the whole time in the water, so even if you do sweat, you aren’t going to notice because you’re already soaking wet. You can do things like swimming laps, taking water aerobics classes, or you can even just swim around for fun too. Swimming is great because it will target many major muscle groups in your back, your core, and your arms and legs as well. It’s also really good because it’s a low impact exercise that isn’t going to cause any damage to your joints, muscles, and bones. Swimming can help you get a cardio workout, a resistance workout (it’s harder to move in water), and help you lose weight too.

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