Summer Exercising For All

Summer Exercising For All

Summer is approaching quickly, and with the heat and the sunlight come the trips to the beach too. It’s time to shed some of those unsightly pounds and to gain some muscle too. Take out your MP3 player and make some new workout playlists, restore and dust off your old exercise equipment, or even renew your old gym membership. The spring and summer seasons come with many opportunities to get active and get in good physical condition; the options are virtually endless.


Here is a list of suggestions that you can follow when it comes to different summertime activities. Some of these activities are for those that are slightly more mobile, and some are for those that may be a little bit less mobile, and may be suffering from a muscle or joint illness, or may just be getting on in their years. The following activities are things that pretty much anybody can do to get into shape and to stay that way.


Get Those Pictures

A great way to get active is to try and get good pictures of yourself doing interesting things, pictures that can then fill your Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, or Instagram feed. Try to take pictures of you and your family doing things like running through sprinklers, going to the local water park or amusement park. Get some pictures of you playing tag or hide and go seek with the kids, and you can even get a picture of yourself and the little ones at the zoo. The point of this is to try and stay active while having fun!


Hit The Water

Doing exercise in the water is really beneficial for your overall health and for your mental state too. First of all, swimming is just really fun, and it’s something that everybody enjoys. No matter if you are swimming in the local indoor or outdoor pool, the water park, or even the lake or ocean, everybody is sure to have fun. Something that’s great about swimming in the ocean is of course that big wave you can ride! Another option that you can consider if you have any health issues or limited mobility is that of taking water exercise or water aerobics classes. These classes are fantastic because they will provide you with exercise and will work on your resistance training because it’s harder to move in the water. Working out in the water is also great because it’s a low impact exercise that’s easy on your bones and joints. Many water aerobics classes are actually covered by insurance in the case of you needing it to recover from an injury.



Dancing is a great way to lose weight, to get fit, and to have fun all at the same time. Take your wife or that special somebody to some dance classes, go to a club, or even dance at home. You and everybody else you dance with will have tones of fun and will burn calories at the same time. You can also try doing something like going to a concert, a concert at which you know you won’t be standing still; nobody is sitting quietly in their seats when AC/DC plays! It doesn’t even have to go that far because you can break out the Nintendo Wii and play the dancing games they have, or even just get wild to some music you are listening to at home.



Cycling is a fantastic way to have fun because virtually everyone can do it, and it lets you see the great outdoors as well. Biking is a good way to lose weight because it makes you burn calories, plus it will train your leg muscles to get big and strong as well. Getting outside and being active is a great way to not only lose weight and get fit, but also to get in a good mood; all those endorphins released by your brain will boost your attitude for sure.

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