How to Succeed in Quitting Smoking

How to Succeed in Quitting Smoking

Smoking is bad for the health, so people who smoke are strongly encouraged to quit the habit. But it is easier said than done because of the difficulty of overcoming withdrawal symptoms.

Many people can’t get over the stressful stage the body enters into when quitting smoking. Those who do had the will power to conquer all the obstacles, especially the withdrawal symptoms. Being fully aware of the health hazards of smoking is a strong motivational factor that enables one to overcome.

Tips to Quit Smoking

Some smokers who become successful in quitting the smoking habit may have gotten some tips from their doctor and friends. If you need help to overcome, listed here are some tips that may be effective for you to quit smoking.

Opt for Nicotine Replacement Therapy: Your family’s physician can help you in getting this therapy. In this treatment, you can choose between nicotine patches or nicotine gums that release a constant stream of nicotine into the blood stream. This helps you to have more control when your body is craving for nicotine.

Find a Friend you can talk to. When you’re quitting, find a buddy to whom you can tell your plans and hopes He can be the one to give you a pep talk especially when you’re about to give up.

Self-Motivation Techniques

  1. You must have Strong Reasons to quit smoking. This is a mind game. If you don’t know your WHY, you will not last long enough to withstand the pressure of not quitting.
  2. Collect all the Information you need to quit for good. Get your mind informed of all the details you need to quit. There are many websites you can visit to understand the hazards of smoking, or how other smokers became successful in quitting.
  3. Stay positive. You will become stressed and anxious in this type of situation. But if you saty positive, you don’t need anything to keep your cool.
  4. Reward yourself from time to time. To stay motivated, you need to think of ways to keep yourself moving forward. One reward is to think about that money you save because you don’t smoke anymore. And you can use that money to actually reward yourself with something you want.
  5. Try not to Punish Yourself. When you fail to avoid the temptation, it doesn’t mean that you totally failed and need to punish yourself. Another way to look at the situation is to consider failure as a stepping stone to success.
  6. Prepare a To-do List and keep it handy. When you’re craving for nicotine, divert your attention by getting your list and doing what you have written on it. Do this every time the cravings strike.
  7. Don’t give in to your Craving: Don’t use the excuse of “just one cigarette.”When you give in, it becomes a little more difficult to fight the craving. Later on, you might find yourself totally back to smoking.

Many people every year die as a result of smoking. Despite the warnings against smoking cigarette, many people do not succeed in quitting the smoking habit. Hopefully, the tips mentioned above can help smokers stop this habit.

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