Staying Active At Work

Staying Active At Work

Sitting at work all day can be very rewarding in its own way, but there are always bad parts too. One of those bad parts is that you don’t get any exercise because you sit at a desk all day, and that can bring along a whole set of different problems. These problems include things like weight gain, muscle degradation, an unhealthy cardiovascular system, bone and joint pain, and of course back pain too; those office chairs just aren’t designed to be sat in for 40 plus hours per week.


Getting that much needed exercise at work may seem like a big challenge, but in fact it isn’t that hard at all. There are a lot of little things that you can do throughout the day to get some exercise into your long day of sitting. Getting to the gym, a yoga class, or even a Pilates class can be almost impossible after a long day of stressful work. That’s why below there are a few little tips and hints that you can follow to get your exercise at work. This isn’t even as much about getting some exercise as it is about keeping your muscles and joints limber, keeping them from becoming stiff, and avoiding any unnecessary pain from sitting for too long. Here are a few ways for you to get a little bit of exercise, stretch, and stay nice and limber.

Walk & Meet


If you are at an office where a lot of meetings take place, you can always try encouraging everybody to have something like a walking meeting. This of course works great if you have a bigger office that has lots of space. Or if you work in a fairly liberal setting, or are even the boss, then you can always try taking your meetings on a little walk outdoors. The fresh air and sunlight can be helpful to relieve some stress, get some exercise, and make it feel like you are taking a break too.


Always Drink Water


Water is really important to drink throughout the day because it keeps you hydrated and it flushes out unwanted toxins too. However, that isn’t the only reason that water is great to drink while you are at work. The other reason has to do with exercise, because the more water you drink, the more times you will have to get up to go to the bathroom. Those few steps may not seem like much, but if you’re going once per hour, that will really start to add up quickly. Also, if there are multiple bathrooms at your work, you can always go to the furthest one to make the most out of every trip you take.


Always Take Time To Stretch


It is always a good idea to get up and stretch at least once per hour if you are spending all day sitting at a desk. As you sit all of your muscles rest in the same position, and they aren’t being contracted or elongated with normal use. This can lead to stiffness, pain, and in a worst case scenario, a blood clot can build up in your legs and race up to your lungs or heart once you do finally stand up, but that’s only of course if you sit for extremely long periods of time. To avoid any of these things always get up to stretch your back, neck, and especially your legs.

Get Up To Talk


Let’s face it, even though you work hard, you probably take a few breaks here and there to talk to your colleagues, and that can be at your own desk or at theirs. If you feel like talking to one of your office buddies, it’s a good idea to actually get up and walk over to them instead of raising your voice. And even if they come to your desk you can always get up just to stretch your legs and your back too, not to mention it means that you are at eye level with whoever you are talking to.

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