Staying Active At Work 2

Staying Active At Work 2

Keep Your Feet Moving

This hint for getting some exercise at work won’t exactly get you up and about, but it feels great anyway, not to mention that it also helps you from getting sore, tight, or stiff ankles or feet. Some things that you can do to keep your feet, legs, and ankles limber is by doing things like doing circles with your ankles, scrunching your toes, and doing a little routine of flexing and pointing your toes to keep your calves nice and loose. Another thing that you can do is to put your feet on the ground and spread your toes out as wide as possible while keeping your pinky toes and your big toe on the ground, then scrunch your feet together to try and touch your heel with your toes; of course you won’t be able to, but it’s just the motion of the stretch that counts.


Change The Position You Sit In

This isn’t really exercise but it will definitely keep you from getting stiff and from getting back pain. It’s great to sit in different and even unconventional ways to keep the blood flowing and to stretch out different parts of your legs and body.  You can sit normally, sit cross legged on the chair or just cross your legs and let them ham down, or you can even kneel on your office chair as well. Another good pose, if you can afford to lean back slightly, is when you put one foot or ankle on your opposite knee. Another good part about many of these poses is that it isn’t easy to sit in them for a prolonged period of time, and that will make you move around even more, just another good way of getting even more exercise. Another to mention about the chair that you sit in, is that if it has wheels, don’t use them. Instead of rolling from place to place, get up and walk.


Remember To Get Up

At least one every hour you should try to get up stretch, walk around, and do anything that doesn’t involve sitting down. You can set an alarm with your watch, phone, or anything else to remind you, and when you get up you can do things like going to the bathroom, talking to a coworker, or going to the water fountain for some of that liquid hydration we talked about earlier. If you work from home you can do things walking up and down stairs, doing a little chore, or even going to the backyard quickly to get some fresh air.


Never Use A Messenger

When you’re at work and you want to talk to a coworker that’s right beside you or one that’s at the other side of the office, it’s a great idea to get up and actually talk to them in person. Not only is talking in person much more effective at conveying emotion and a lot more, well, personal as well, it is also a great way to get just a little bit of walking in.


Take The Stairs

A great way to get some exercise in at work is to take the stairs to and from your office floor. This is especially effective if you work in a very tall office tower. Just imagine the calories you will burn walking 50 flights of stairs every day! Even if you can’t make the whole climb, you can try talking the elevator half way and then walking the rest. When going downstairs, try to never take the elevator because going down is always easier. Try to integrate taking the stairs instead of elevators or escalators everywhere you go.


Leave Your Car

What is meant by this is that you should try to park as far away from work as possible (as far as is reasonable), in order to get some walking in, and if possible, you can even walk or cycle all the way to and from work.




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