How to Sleep Better and Lose Weight

How to Sleep Better and Lose Weight

Effects of Lack of Sleep

Our body has been created in such a way that we need to make sure there is a balance in all the things we do. Any imbalance to that end can result in trouble because of having cancers and ulcers, hence we ought to be mindful in fulfilling what our bodies needs. One basic need of the body is sleep. We especially need this when our muscles get stressed up after undertaking a hectic routine. We need to give adequate rest to our muscles, which comes in the form of sleep. Our body feels relaxed after we get some sleep.

Aside from getting sick, another effect of sleep has got something to do with weight loss. According to research, people who do not get adequate sleep are more prone to becoming overweight. The reason for this effect is the increased production of a hormone they call ghrelin, which controls the appetite. The body produces more of this hormone when it gets less sleep. What ghrelin does is it will keep you feeling hungry even after eating your full meal. So, you feel like you still have an empty stomach and would like to eat more and more food. The result, of course, is you will gain more body weight. The effect of ghrelin has been studied through a series of experimentation involving volunteers who received injections of the hormone. They reported that felt predisposed to eating more even after they have eaten complete meals.

How to Get More Sleep

Now, you have two strong reasons why you need to sleep more. If you feel that you are not having enough sleep, what can you do? Here are five helpful tips you can try:

  • Prepare your room to make it conducive to sleeping. Make your room calm and dark when it’s time for you to go to sleep. A tranquil room will help lull you to a deep sleep more quickly.
  • Sleep at least 2 hours after dinner. If you don’t want your sleep to be interrupted with the need to go to the restroom, give yourself a few hours after dinner before going to bed.
  • Take a warm bath. A warm bath helps your body to relax and get to sleep easily.
  • Read a book. You will notice that when you read a book, you will feel sleepy after some time. So, it’s a good habit to have before going to sleep.
  • Sleep at the same time each night. When you train your body to sleeping at a particular time each night, you will get used to sleeping on that fixed time. Your biological clock will automatically tell you that it’s time to sleep.

These are just a few of the tips which you can follow and hopefully will help you to have adequate sleep.

If you want to lose weight, now you know that  you need to take sleep seriously. Have at least 7-8 hours of sleep everyday not just to relax your muscles, but to help control your appetite as well.

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