A Simple Way to Have a Clean Diet

A Simple Way to Have a Clean Diet

The changing season is a usual prompt for cleaning up, be it your house or your car. But why just clean externally? It may be a good time to go for an internal cleansing of your body, too.

Some people who are not familiar with cleansing or detox may be scared of this process. But it’s not something to be scared of. It’s a positive thing that will bring a lot of goodness to your life.

You will see and feel a difference if you push through with a detox. You’ll have clearer skin, more energy, less bloating and better sleep.

How to Have a Clean Diet

Detoxifying your body starts with a clean diet. How do you have a clean diet?

Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

A lighter diet is composed of more fresh fruits and vegetables. It is best to eat them fresh as in salads. If you do not like eating fresh fruits and vegetables, you can opt to juice them or make them into smoothies.

Here’s what you can do for the next 7 days as a cleansing challenge. Have a smoothie for breakfast everyday.

If you prefer to make it yourself, the composition can be 60-40; 60% greens and 40% fruits. Don’t mix in more than two fruits. Add a little water or juice. You can also use coconut water.

If you prefer to buy smoothie, ask the store to add greens if available. The greens actually don’t affect the taste that much.

Cut out processed foods and sugary foods from your diet if you can. This will further boost the cleansing of your body.

Take Healthy Drinks

As much as possible, don’t drink tea and coffee or anything with caffeine or alcohol. Avoid processed beverages like sodas and sweetened flavored juices as well.

Drink only pure water. As an alternative, you can drink herbal tea made with ginger, hibiscus, chamomile, jasmine or rosehip. You can also try coffee made with barley, chicory or dandelion. Find out which of these drinks work well for you. Get samples and see which ones you will like and will not be a problem for you to drink.

Just by implementing these two diet changes, you will already notice a difference in how you feel and look in seven days. Don’t worry if you feel headache or that general unwell feeling. It is supposed to happen, but will not last long. It is a sign bearing good or bad news.

The Good News — You may have heard of the “healing crisis.” Some doctors do not agree with this idea, but it’s something that is believed to be true by many. It is when you feel bad because your body has to get the toxins out of your cells. But after that process, your body will start to feel good.

The Bad News – Your body may be really toxic and the ill feeling is a manifestation of the bad condition of your body. If your unwell feeling is taking long and unbearable, it’s time to consult your doctor. Better stop whatever diet you’re following and get to know first the real condition of your body.

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