Simple No-Cook Mediterranean Diet Options for Anytime of Day

Simple No-Cook Mediterranean Diet Options for Anytime of Day

Mediterranean food does not mean only Italian, French, or Spanish cuisine. Many European and African countries claim the Mediterranean Sea as shoreline. Some of these countries share their cultures more readily than others. All the countries have many common foods between them. Since a large portion of the daily diet is based on fresh foods, no-cook meals are very common.

Preparing a No-Cook Mediterranean-Style Meal

Many of the common Mediterranean foods are very healthy and require little to no preparation. The Mediterranean diet choices make for a great quick snack or a relaxed meal, where the lifestyles are just a bit slower. Many of the basic Mediterranean foods are suitable for a meal any time of day.

Some basic and common Mediterranean foods:

  • Artichokes, marinated
  • Beans, brined (such as, lupini) or fresh
  • Biscotti, light dessert biscuits
  • Breads, many varieties
  • Cheeses, many varieties
  • Chickpeas (cece, garbanzos), brined, canned, or dried (eat them like nuts, not very common)
  • Coffee, preferrably cappucino or espresso
  • Fennel (anise), sliced
  • Fish, canned, such as anchovies, sardines, and tuna
  • Fruits, such as, apples, dates, figs (dried or fresh), grapes, lemons, melons, and raisins
  • Hummus
  • Lettuce, many varieties
  • Meats, cured, such as, sliced prosciutto, salami, soppresatta, etc. (small amounts per serving)
  • Mineral water, such as S. Pellegrino
  • Nuts, various varieties
  • Olive oil, for dipping or salads
  • Olives, many varieties
  • Peppers, hot or sweet, brined or pickled
  • Shellfish, fresh clams or oysters
  • Spices – rosemary, salt, black and red pepper, etc. – to add to dipping oil or for salads
  • Tomatoes, fresh and/or sun-dried
  • Vinegar, various types, some cheeses taste great with a little balsamic vinegar
  • Wine, many varieties (consume in moderation)
  • Yogurt

Servings for One, Two, or Many

Any of these foods can put together on a plate without any fuss. You can select just a few items to make a quick meal for one two people. Also, you can select many items for a party. Put the items on serving platters for your guests to choose whatever they like.

If you have enough selections available, including a few types of cured meats and cheeses, you can forget about cooking an entree, because everyone will be full from the bounty that the Mediterranean region offers.

Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet

Compared to the American diet, the Mediterranean diet is high in fiber from fresh fruits and vegetables, and relatively low in cholesterol and saturated fats. Red meat is eaten sparingly and in small portions. However, many Mediterranean foods, such as cheeses, cured meats, and prepared olives, have a high salt content.

You do not need all the foods listed above for a quick and healthy meal. A few fresh food selections make a great alternative to eating over-processed foods, which is all too typical in the American diet. Also, try to include some exercise in your busy schedule. A 30-minute walk per day is a great way to start.

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