The Secret Benefits Of Running Long Marathons

The Secret Benefits Of Running Long Marathons

This may just be for the simple fact that those runners will end up resting a lot more than running. This finding suggests that long time runners have much better bone health in the long term than people who don’t run. A lot of people like to cycle because it does provide for a good cardio workout, however the problem with cycling just isn’t the same as running. There are quite a few studies that cycling does not actually increase bone mass and increase their strength and can even cause worse things.

The studies show that cycle may actually cause certain areas of the bones to have low mineral density. The thing to take away here is that for those people that have weaker bones it would be much better to engage in a form of physical exercise like running instead of swimming or biking. You will still get your cardio however you will also be building your bones, something that was previously not thought possible just from running. The lead author of the study is named Dr. Giovanni Lombardi and he says that all of these findings are true and sound.

Dr. Lombardi also told us that the high level of physical load that is but on your bones while running will stimulate the osteocalcin in the bone tissue to send a signal the pancreas in order to create more energy. This in the long term will cause a person to have higher energy levels both while at rest and while exercising. According to this study running is definitely the best way to get your cardio workout. If you prefer cycling over running you shouldn’t fret and you certainly shouldn’t stay away from cycling those big races you love to participate in. You should however also add some running into your routine in order to get the bone boosting effects of high impact running. You should remember that this study was performed on people who run 65 kilometer marathons for breakfast so we aren’t too sure what the effects are for people who only run half as much. If you are a marathon runner always remember that you are doing your bones a big favor by going for those big runs.

You can always start out slow with only a few kilometers of running and slowly work your way up. We aren’t saying that you should go for a 100 kilometer run every single day, but doing so once or twice per would be very beneficial.



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