Raspberry Ketones – Truth Or Dare?

Raspberry Ketones – Truth Or Dare?

From Dr. Mehmet Oz to Lynn from LynFit Nutrition, from diet drops to capsules, raspberry ketones could be found almost on every shelf and diet website. But are raspberry ketones here to stay for good or… are they of any good?

The hype around raspberry ketones started when Dr. Oz stated that they are the “miracle fat burners in a bottle”. I am sure you’ve already heard that before, maybe at goji berry, acai berry or african mango. Endorsed by the “creme de la creme” in weight loss environment, raspberry ketones seem to be the new “miracle” compound in diets and supplements.

Initially, raspberry ketones where used as food additives, in perfumery and cosmetics. This natural phenolic compound is extracted from red raspberries and it is one of the most expensive compounds on the market. In 1965, Food and Drug Administration placed raspberry ketones on the safe part, highlighted it with the GRAS status. But this doesn’t mean it will help us loose unwanted pounds.

For weight loss purposes, raspberry ketones where tested only on mice. With a very high dosage, up to 2% of their body weight, mice showed a significant weight loss drop. Besides this fact, raspberry ketones were never tested on human subjects and no clinical evidence exists to prove that raspberry ketones really work on humans. Moreover, dr. Robert H. Lustig, one of the top experts in US obesity epidemic stated that mice testing is not sufficient to conclude that raspberry ketones are up to any good.

Even if officially, no pharmaceutical company concluded that raspberry ketones may help an individual in weight loss problems, people are reporting significant results each day. Some of the testimonials are hyped but some are undeniable true. It seems that raspberry ketones really work for some people, results being stated for both man and women.

Truth or Dare?

This is not one of the questions where we can answer the classical: ‘ You decide!’ So, our point of view is this: raspberry ketones are more a provocation than a truth, there is simply not enough information, after balancing marketing from facts to state that it is really a miracle compound.

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