Purslim Review – You Must Read This Before Buying!

Purslim Review – You Must Read This Before Buying!


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3.8 out of 5

Everybody wants to lose weight, especially for this coming summer season, but it isn’t as easily done as it is said. There is a new product on the market that at first would seem like a quick and easy solution.

That solution is called Purslim and it claims to be able to help you melt away a lot of weight very quickly.

One of the reasons that Purslim claims that it can help you melt away those unsightly pounds is because over time your body builds up toxins, chemicals, and other compounds which make it harder for you to lose weight and also make it easier for the body to retain fat.

Purslim is a product that is supposed to flush out all of those unwanted toxins in order to make you feel like a whole new human being. The build-up of waste in your body can also make you feel sluggish and even make you really sick over time.

If left unchecked the build-up of waste can end up making you sick and having some serious repercussions.

These unwanted toxins also cause your digestive system to stop functioning properly, and that not only means that you will gain weight more easily, but also that your body isn’t digesting food properly, and ultimately that means not getting all of the nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that your body needs to survive.

In order for your body to be healthy, for all of your organs to work properly, and in order to have the energy to get through a workout routine and your whole day, you need to flush these toxins out of your body.

This flushing of waste and toxins should be done on a fairly regular basis, that being at least once per month. Purslim is a product that claims to flush your body of toxins very effectively.

It only seems like a good idea for a few split seconds because upon closer examination and some further research one discovers that this product is more or less a scam and that it probably doesn’t really work at all.

There are some give away signs that this product is most likely not legitimate, because when the company starts claiming that its product was voted number one in North America, well, that’s a pretty big claim to be making.

The efficacy and the legitimacy of Purslim aren’t the only reasons as to why we chose to take a closer look at the product. Another aspect that all buyers need to be wary of is the fact that signing up for the free trial is not at all free and will in fact automatically sign you up for an auto shipping program that will end up costing you quite a bit of money. Let’s talk about this so called miracle product in some more detail.

Claims Made By The Makers Of Purslim

There are a few really bold claims that the makers of Purslim make, and you know how it is, when it sounds too good to be true it probably is not true at all. Here are the claims that Purslim makes:

  1. Purslim will flush out your system of any unwanted and harmful toxins,
  2. That Purslim will balance your body and help you lose weight quickly, as well as increase your metabolism to burn calories faster,
  3. That it will greatly increase your energy levels,
  4. The reduction of cellulite and its appearance,
  5. That it will help you maintain a higher level of alertness with more focus,
  6. A Strengthened and more durable immune system to ward off bacteria, viruses, illnesses, and disease.
  7. More regular and satisfying bowel movements as well as solid stool.

These claims all sounds really great but unfortunately they are a little hard to believe seeing as they are really reaching for the stars here, and when we talk about this product a little more you will see that doubting these claims is very reasonable.

How Purslim Claims To Work

The makers of Purslim say that their methods are simple. Purslim claims that their coffee beans solution will flush out the chemicals that build up in the bowels. The manufacturers of Purslim say that weeks, months, or even years of undigested food and other waste can sit in the intensities which will then in turn cause bacteria to grow and toxins to build up.

These toxins have many severe effects on the body as was earlier discussed. In order to avoid the negative aspects of toxin build up, Purslim claims that it can flush them all out in a matter of days.

The reason that flushing out the toxins is so important is because they can cause the body’s metabolism to slow down which will then cause weight gain, but without the toxins that won’t happen. As you will see later on in this review, the claims that they make seem way too good to be true.

The Ingredients Of Purslim

One of the things that we do know, seeing as it is mentioned about a million times with both pictures and words, is that the main ingredient in this weight loss supplement is green coffee beans.

Green coffee beans sound like a great thing to use for a little energy boost in the morning in the form of a hot cup of water, but whether or not they can help people lose weight is seriously in question.

Something that is however very unclear to the consumer is how much green coffee beans are actually being used in the final product. We have no idea whether the green coffee beansamount to 100% or 1% of the final product called Purslim.

There is no mention of how many beans were actually used to make Purslim, not to mention that there is no ingredients list so there is no way of knowing if there are any other additives in Purslim.

The fact that we have no idea what is actually in Purslim is very disconcerting because there is no way of knowing if this product is actually effective, what the potential side effects are ,and whether or not Purslim is just a quick get quick rich scheme from the manufacturers.

The Cost of Purslim

Purslim costs a lot more than you may at first think. Sure they mention a free trial and how you can get a certain amount of it for free, but that is in fact a complete lie and Purslim is going to end up costing you a lot of money in the end.

This is because there are some small details regarding payment that are hidden away in the terms and conditions, conditions which are not obvious when you just look over it quickly.

First of all when you order Purslim there is a small shipping fee to be paid, something which definitely invalidates the claim that it is free. The small print that most people fail to see is that you will actually be charged the full price of the bottle after just 14 days.

So if you sign up for it and don’t read the fine print clearly, then you will end up being charged for a whole lot more than just shipping. You will pay for the first order after 14 days and will also be enrolled for an auto shipping program that will have you paying for more product every subsequent month.

Is Purslim A Scam?

Ok, it might not be fair to call Purslim and outright scam but it certainly gets pretty close. The whole payment sucker punch that they pull is pretty low down and it certainly speaks for the sales and marketing tactics that are being used, not to mention the level of ethics that the good people at Purslim. In essence they do try to scam you out of a whole lot of money, so in that sense it definitely is a rip off.

On the other side of the coin, since there are no ingredients listed there is no real way of knowing if this product actually works, and that does definitely not inspire any confidence at all.

There are plenty of weight loss products out there that are more than happy to disclose the ingredients used so those are the ones that you should probably go for because you never want to put anything in your body if you don’t know what it is.

How To Cancel Your Order of Purslim

In order to cancel your free trial of Purslim, and thus avoid extra full cost charges for months to come, you can contact them by phone or by email.

Phone Number: +31-20-241-0926

Email Address: [email protected]

Alternative Solutions To Purslim

There are other much more reliable weight loss products out there that are proven to work and won’t try to scam you out of a bunch of money. One of these alternatives is called Raspberry Ketone Plus and it is made by a company called Evolution Slimming; it can be purchased online.

The testimonials and reviews are all very convincing and speak to the efficacy of the product. It is made of all natural ingredients that are proven to assist with weight loss.

There are of course even better solutions to using Purslim or any other weight loss product. Most of these products really only work if you choose to exercise and change your diet at the same time as taking the weight loss pills.

Without a proper diet as well as regular exercise none of these products will work. The best choice is definitely to exercise and to eat right; if you do that you won’t need any kind of weight loss supplement.

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