Proteins: Too many dairy products harm your bones! PART 1

Proteins: Too many dairy products harm your bones! PART 1

Through the years 1950 – 1960, two researchers at Loma Linda University, California, sought to answer the question whether animal sources offer a high quality of protein superior to plant sources. Comparing the nutritional components of the americans meat consumers alimentation, egg-milk-vegetarians and total vegetarians and inducing the accurate qualities of all amino acids ingested, they found that after the World Health Organization rules regarding the ideal need of amino acids, and by the composition of human milk, the best quality of protein was provided by the vegetarian alimentation. The proportions of amino acids in the total vegetarian diet resembled most with the breastmilk and with the recommendations on regarding the required amino acids needed.

Since then there have been numerous determinations and was found that, if we take into consideration the daily requirement of essential amino acids, if anyone would eat only one vegetable food, let’s say bread, in a sufficient quantity to provide a total caloric intake of 2,200 kcal, the essential amino acids requirements would cover only that single food. Dr. Neil Nedley, from the United States, calculated the essential amino acids quantities from potatoes, paddy rice, tomatoes, pumpkins, wheat, corn, oat, asparagus, broccoli and white beans; found that each of these foods provide more than enough proteins. This statement is valid for each amino acid in any food. So, assuming that you decide to use only one vegetable, potato or cereal product, this single source contain all the 8 essential amino acids, in quantities more than necessary. In other words, consuming vegetable the danger of denutrition because of proteins lack it doesn’t exist. Given the fact that, usually, are consumed more kinds of vegetable foods, we can be sure that the essential amino acid intake is absolutely enough.

Among the 10 products analyzed, there were no fruits. They contain a small amount of proteins and if it would be consumed isolated for a large period, they wouldn’t provide the required essential amino acids. The exclusive consumption of fruits, months or even years is not advisable.

Is something else if the fruits are eaten with bread, potatoes or vegetables. Dr. Mark Messina, from Michigan State University, USA, put it this way: “Who consumes daily more grains and vegetable and has a sufficient caloric intake is impossible to be deprived of the necessary proteins. ”

Today, many know that there is the danger that our food contain too much fat. Some people know that also eating sugar is harmful.

However, most do not know that the high intake of proteins has bad consequences, often unsuspected.

The other day, I found out that a good childhood friend suffered a hip fracture after a seemingly mild fall. Does hip fracture has anything to do with proteins in our alimentation?

In Europe and North America, one in three women who past 50 years, suffer from osteoporosis. Most realize this only when there is a fracture or when others draw their attention to the rise of thoracic kyphosis. Approximately 70% of all fractures occurred after the age 45 are due to osteoporosis.

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