Pros and Cons of The 17 Day Diet Weight Loss Program

Pros and Cons of The 17 Day Diet Weight Loss Program

Is the 17 Day Diet just another diet fad?

In their quest to lose weight, many people are on the look-out for the next cure, pill, shake or shot that will melt off the pounds. While almost any attempt to lose weight and become healthier should be encouraged in this world of rising obesity, for many the word “diet” still means a living a life short time food deprivation and then returning, with relief, to an unhealthy, junk-food diet.

This article examines the facts, advantages and disadvantages of the the latest weight loss diet, the 17 Day Diet.

What is the 17 Day Diet?

The author of the book, Dr. Mike Moreno wrote the 17 Day Diet initially to help people from gaining excess weight during the holidays. The diet is not supposed to be a quick weight loss fad, but a diet plan to enable people to reduce weight quickly and easily, with an emphasis on maintaining good eating habits.

The 17 day cycle is based on the idea of calorie cycling. The idea is to cause metabolic confusion by adjusting food habits at regular intervals, with the idea that the body will burn more abdominal fat by varying the nature of calories consumed.

The diet is broken into four cycles:

  • Accelerate: This promotes fast weight loss by means of a low carbohydrate eating plan and by “cleansing” the body.
  • Activate: The metabolism boosting cycle where the metabolism is said to be “re-set”.
  • Achieve: Good carbohydrates are introduced into the diet.
  • Arrive: A lifestyle eating plan which combines the first 3 cycles.

Pros of the 17 Day Diet Plan

The diet does emphasize the need to cut out processed and refined carbohydrates, alcohol, fried foods and junk foods. Regular, daily exercise is part of the routine. The 17 Day Plan does emphasize the need to maintain good eating habits in the long term. Many who have tried the diet report they have lost weight quickly, feel great and are motivated to continue.

Cons of the 17 Day Weight Loss Program

While lowering carbohydrate intake appears to be useful to initiate weight loss, in the long term, restricting carb intake can result in a lack of dietary fiber and a lack of sufficient amounts of calcium and vitamins.

Re-setting the metabolism is not as easy as it seems, and depends on factors such as age, metabolic or insulin resistance and so on. Certain foods can boost the metabolism, but new research indicates that weight training, strenuous exercise, good sleep patterns and well-spaced meals are the factors which can influence the metabolism for the better.

During the fourth cycle, the dieter follows the eating plan during the week but is allowed to indulge in whatever he or she likes over the weekends (in moderation). While this may alleviate boredom, it is not considered by most nutritionists to be the best way of changing one’s mindset to a permanently healthy lifestyle.

So, how to lose weight permanently? Most health professionals agree that a holistic, integrated approach is more successful for lasting, long-term results in the treatment of obesity. A change in eating habits, exercise and medical supervision for physical aspects of the condition is the best approach to treating the problem.

Those who have successfully lost and maintained weight loss are those who have embarked on a healthier lifestyle, changed their mindsets and maintained good eating habits, whether it’s the weekend or not.

Cost of the 17 Day Diet Program

The 17 Day Diet book sells for $21.50, the book and exercise is priced at $29.00, the workout dvd on its own sells for $12.00 and a weekly meal plan costs $184.90.

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