Popular Drinks That Can Ruin a Dieting Plan

Popular Drinks That Can Ruin a Dieting Plan

Many people are aware of the obvious fact that when they are dieting they should not be drinking soda because of the high sugar levels as well as the high levels of carbohydrates. But there are other drinks that are not so obvious that can ruin a dieting plan.

Stay Away from Sports Drinks

Sports drinks can cause big problems for a dieter. People only need to consume sports drinks when they are strenuously exercising for an hour or more; otherwise water is sufficient . These drinks can be helpful in hydrating someone who is replacing minerals and electrolytes lost during a hard workout. However, the high number of carbohydrates in sports drinks can harm a person’s diet plan if they are not exercising and they are consuming these drinks. If an individual likes the taste of these drinks, many companies that make sports drinks have lower carbohydrate alternatives for people who are not exercising while consuming these beverages.

Flavored Iced Tea can Derail a Diet

Iced tea that can be bought in grocery stores can be unhealthy for someone seeking to lose weight. Flavored iced tea is usually loaded with high amounts of sugar, and excess sugar is processed into fat by the metabolism. If someone is on a dieting plan and they want to drink iced tea, they should buy a sugar-free brand or use traditional tea bags and hot water.

Avoid Orange Juice

Orange juice has a lot of vitamins and minerals that are healthy, but unfortunately it also has about as much sugar as a can of soda. There are reduced sugar varieties of orange juice that people on dieting plans can drink, although some of these brands do not taste much like their counterparts with the higher sugar levels.

Do Not Put Cream and Sugar in Coffee

Coffee by itself is perfectly fine to drink when someone is on a diet, but the cream and sugar that many people put in coffee make it a bad choice for someone looking to lose weight. If someone who is dieting wants to have coffee, they should take it black because adding sugar can lead to the body metabolizing it as fat, and there is high levels of fat in coffee creamer as well.

Dieting Plans are not Just About Food

The drinks listed in this article can be just as bad as eating donuts or cake for someone on a diet. Iced tea or coffee with cream and sugar can be had as an occasional treat, but regularly consuming these beverages will make it hard for someone lose weight and will hinder further weight loss. When someone is dieting the best choice of beverage is plain old cold water. Cold water has no fat, carbohydrates, or calories and the metabolism actually uses energy to warm up cold water as it is being processed which will help a dieter lose weight.

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