Pilates Myths

Pilates Myths

Many people have a lot of different questions when it comes to Pilates. Few people realize that being a Pilates instructor is really a dream job, while most just think that Pilates is more or less a joke, something that it is surely not. Pilates is a very popular form of exercise with many different health benefits, but most people who aren’t really aware of it have a lot of misguided assumptions about it.

People tend to say things like that they just don’t get Pilates, or that it didn’t do anything for them, or even that it was the same as Yoga, and that it wasn’t for them due to things like injuries or health issues. All of these things are really just excuses, or at least false ideas; Pilates is very healthy and can do a lot for anybody. Here are some myths that people have, and why they are false.

Pilates is a Gender Exclusive

Many people think that Pilates is just for women, but that is definitely not true, and it is just as much for men. Pilates was actually created by a man named Joseph Pilates, and it was meant for men. The man himself was both a circus performer and a boxer, not to mentioned he had trained with the Hamburg Military Police and in Scotland Yard. He then moved to New York and started his own Pilates practice in 1926 where people would go to him to help heal injuries as well as prevent them. In today’s word, it’s really only women that go to Yoga classes, but many sports training programs do include some form of Pilates a cross training; it’s actually great for the body.

Pilates = Yoga.

Pilates and yoga are not the same at all, both may be focused on the mind and the spirit and uniting the two, they get there in a very different manner. Yoga and Pilates have very different approaches to movement, different breathing techniques, and both use a very different set of exercises. Pilates is actually better than yoga because yoga only utilizes mat based exercised, whereas with Pilates, there is more than just striking different poses on a rubber floor mat.

Pilates Is Too Easy/Too Hard

This is a huge misconception, and I you don’t find a Pilates routine hard, then you aren’t doing the exercises right. To properly go through a Pilates routine you need to apply the principles of control, centering, concentration, and precision; if you aren’t applying those principles to every Pilates exercise, then you aren’t doing them properly. If you do it right then Pilates will be both challenging and beneficial to you no matter what fitness level you are at. Pilates exercises use deep core muscles, and that’s what will train your body the quickest, but to do them right you need to be properly trained, and that involves having a good Pilates instructor. Pilates definitely isn’t too hard either because it may be challenging in the beginning, but you can start with doing the exercises for a shorter duration, or starting out by doing the easier ones, and before you know it you will be able to do them all.

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