Pet-Friendly Exercising

Pet-Friendly Exercising

Being overweight and obesity are two huge problems that are affecting America and much of the developed world right now, but that’s not all. Obesity is also affecting dogs everywhere as well. You need exercise just like your pets do, and the figures prove the point; just like the percentage of people who are overweight or obese is high, so is that of dogs. It is estimaned that over 52% of dogs are overweight or obese. Getting more physical exercise will help both you and your pets lose weight, gain muscle, be healthier, sleep better, and live longer, not to mention that you will have a lot more energy too. here are some great ways that both you and your pet can get some exercise in.


K9 Fitness Class 

These classes are fantastic because they offer a way for both you and your pet to be physically active, and they also work wonders for training your dog’s behaviour. All of the teachers are certified in both human and canine fitness. Some things that you need to ask before taking one of these classes is what the expectations are in terms of your dog’s obedience, what the length and intensity of the fitness routines are like, and if there is a weight or size limit concerning the dog. These classes usually range in intensity from beginner to expert, which means that anyone with a pet can give them a go. A K9 fitness class is great because it helps both you and your dog work on your cardio, strength, and flexibility too.


Taking Your Pet To The Gym

Many different gyms and health clubs offer something like a take your dog to work day, but instead of work, it’s the gym. There are some gyms where dogs are allowed to run on the treadmills, and there are even places that offer both indoor and outdoor dog/human yoga classes. Admittedly, pet/human yoga is more beneficial for the human than it is for the pet, because often the pet is incorporated into your pose, as opposed to doing one themselves. Check out the fitness clubs in your area to see if they offer and pet-friendly exercise classes or days.


This is a very unique way that helps both you and your dog stay physically active. As the name implies, this is a form of Pilates that incorporates your pets into the motions. There are a variety of exercises that will help both you and your dog work on strength and flexibility. It should be noted that you can’t use a dog that is too heavy as you will often be lifting it up; no more than 50 pounds.

Canine Agility Classes 

These classes are mainly designed to give your dog the exercise that he needs, not necessarily for obedience; dogs must already be fairly obedient in order to perform in agility course. Canine agility course involves your dog running around, up, over, and through a myriad of obstacles designed to push them to the limit. The great part is that you will be running alongside your dog, shouting encouragement and giving commands, which means that you will get a great workout as well.


If you live in a cold place then this is the perfect thing for you and your dog. This activity is performed in the snow, and it involves a mixture of cross country skiing and snowshoeing. To be clear, your pet will be snow shoeing while you do the cross country skiing, and it’s a great workout for both of you! Remember that you do need a dog that is able to stay warm in cold conditions.


Biking and Rollerblading 

Biking and rollerblading are both great forms of exercise, and with the right leash, you can have your dog trot or run alongside of you. Just be sure that you have a leash long enough so you don’t run over your dog. AS well, make sure that your pet is trained well enough so that it doesn’t run in front of your or pull you front side to side.
Running or Jogging – Running and jogging are really great for your cardiovascular system and for your overall health, and the same can be said for your dog. In some places, there are even special races that are meant just for humans and dogs; give it a try!


Long Hikes

Hiking is a great way to get outside and see Mother Nature, get some fresh air, and get some exercise too. You can hike in the forest, in the city, along the beach, or even in mountain trails. Hiking, especially if the terrain is difficult, can provide a very solid workout for both you and your dog.

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