Oils in alimentation PART 2

Oils in alimentation PART 2

We should not cling stubbornly tastes with the ordinary tastes we were accustomed to, but to discover the natural tastes, unalterated, which to accept and which very soon will be cherished. It say that the wise eats also with his head, not only tongue!

Those who initially can not renounce that easy to oil must consume as little, preferring cold-pressed oils, which are the least exposed to heating during the extraction and refinery.

Remember that a cold-pressed oil is feculent and does not resist longer time. For this reason, before being commerced, the respective oil, although cold-pressed, as listed on the label, it is refined and, unfortunately, this refinery can not be done without heating.

We should prefer oils that contain more monounsaturated fatty acids, eg olive oil, because monounsaturated fatty acids alters hardest under heat action.

While the consumption of polyunsaturated oils increase has resulted in the lowering of cholesterol and atherosclerosis, it was, however, accompanied by a increase of non-vascular mortality disease, for example, cancer, gallstones, and a decrease in lifetime. This is caused probably because of the peroxidation of unsaturated fats.

Peroxidation is facilitated by the fact that polyunsaturated molecules are unstable. The more double bonds molecule has, the easier occurs peroxidation. In healthy alimentation, natural, free radical formation is mostly prevented due to natural antioxidants, which are found in those foods.

In an unrefined diet, there is a natural balance between antioxidants (vitamins A and E, for example) and the amount of polyunsaturated fat. The imbalance between polyunsaturated fats and antioxidants lead to the increase of free radical formation, with their harmful consequences, like the acceleration of the aging process, inflammatory phenomena multiplying, the emergence of malignancies, liver disorders and atherosclerosis.

Unfortunately, modern methods for preparation of food often remove important antioxidants and fatty acids so necessary, which are found in foods, depriving the body of these essential nutrients.

For example, in the processes of grinding and refining, the germs are removed from the grain, essential oils and soluble vitamins, which act as antioxidants, and which are found in cereals in perfect biological proportions. This theft is compensated by the addition of large amounts of oils and fats, in disproportionate associations.

To illustrate, we recall that the daily necessary of vitamin E, which is 10 mg, increase 200 times when foods are added polyunsaturated fats. I doubt that any food diet could meet this enormous supplementation need. Then is not surprising that degenerative diseases are so common.

Natural alimentation, that had escaped the vital components, provide all essential fats, in a physiologic proportion. It can be recommended without reservation.

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