Noxor Platinum Edition & Androx Extreme Reviews

Noxor Platinum Edition & Androx Extreme Reviews


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Have you been going to the gym like some of the guys you know but you’re not seeing good results? You’ve always wanted to build ripped abs and powerful muscles, that’s why you joined the gym. But it’s been a while now and you still look the same.

You’re probably so disappointed because your body-building efforts lack results. But let me just say “Don’t give up yet.”  For every problem, there is a solution. For this one, all you probably need is to take extra supplements that build muscles and enhance testosterone levels.

You can check out the stacking effect of these two supplements – Noxor Platinum Edition & Androx Extreme. When talking about stacking here, it means using the two supplements to complement the effect of each one.  To understand how stacking happens, let’s look at how each of the supplements work first.

How Noxor Platinum Edition Works

noxor platinumNoxor Platinum Edition is an effective supplement for increasing muscle mass. This supplement will give your body higher energy levels so you can do better with your workout routines. The secret is in its formulation that offers the ability to boost your nitric oxide levels.

Nitric oxide is a compound that helps with optimal performance when working out in the gym. How? With the intake of Noxor Platinum, release of nitric oxide in the bloodstream leads to vein expansion. Larger veins make it easier for oxygen, minerals and other nutrients to reach the different parts of the body, especially the muscles. So men seeking to develop big muscles can work hard in the gym and need not worry about muscle repair and muscle tissue formation.

Nitric oxide also helps take care of acidic buildup in the blood vessels while working out intensely. Acidic buildup tends to make the body feel fatigued. Because nitric oxide can clear up the acidic buildup, the body can work hard longer with sustained energy. Continuous intake of the supplement will help anyone develop ripped abs and strong muscles in no time.

Here is a summary list of the benefits of having higher nitric oxide levels:

  • Improved blood flow with larger blood vessels
  • Less plaque and clotting in the veins
  • Quicker muscle recovery
  • Muscles get more oxygen and nutrients
  • More immediate muscle growth
  • More energy and better stamina
  • Improved metabolic rate

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So, what does this supplement contain that contribute to higher nitric oxide levels? Its main ingredients are L-Citrulline, Arginine Nitrate and Creatine.

L-Citrulline is an amino acid which converts to nitric oxide or L-arginine when inside the human body. It is one of the building blocks of protein the body needs and is naturally present inside the body. It can also be obtained from eating fruits like watermelon.

L-arginine is another amino acid that’s necessary for the formation of muscle tissues. It is also important for kidney health, heart health and better brain function. The body can produce L-arginine, but this amino acid can also be obtained from eating red meat, fish and poultry.

Arginine Nitrate is a form of nitric oxide made from combining nitric oxide and L-arginine. It is not a true form of nitric oxide but possesses many of its characteristics. When necessary, this compound aids in forming specific proteins the body needs in its processes.

Creatine is an organic acid containing many amino acids in it. This compound promotes protein synthesis in certain parts of the body that help to improve athletic performance. That’s why maintaining an optimum level of creatine in the body is important for sports enthusiasts.

How Androx Extreme Works

androx extremeAndrox Extreme is a powerful supplement that boosts testosterone levels in men. With an increased level of testosterone, men can have greater stamina to train harder. They can lift heavier weights and make the most of every workout in the gym.

Why is testosterone important to men? It is the major hormone in males responsible for fueling muscle growth that’s needed for intense exercise. The problem is testosterone levels decline with aging starting from age 30 causing lack of energy, mood swings and increased body fat. In addition, the body is not able to sustain intense and prolonged workout as it used to do. Most bodybuilders adjust to this hormone decline working out with less energy, which in turn result to less muscle mass development.

If you take a testosterone boosting supplement like Androx, it stimulates the testosterone-producing glands to produce more of this hormone. With continuous intake of the supplement giving a steady flow of testosterone in the blood, the body is able to power through any challenging physical activity. It becomes easier to achieve bodybuilding goals because of renewed strength despite of aging.

Here is a list of the expected effects from taking this testosterone booster:

  • Faster muscle mass development
  • Muscle repair
  • Better workout performance
  • Lifting of heavier weights
  • Quick recovery
  • More libido or sex drive
  • Stronger erection

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Stacking Noxor Platinum Edition & Androx Extreme

While you can consume Noxor Platinum Edition & Androx Extreme individually, you can have the best results if you pair them up. By stacking the two supplements, you’ll better achieve your goal of developing the muscular physique you want.

With Androx, you boost your testosterone level. With Noxor Platinum, you get more nitric oxide in your blood. The effect of each supplement contributes to a better outcome during and after working out.

By consumption of both supplements, you’re assured of greater stamina and energy as well as muscle growth powered by testosterone; nitric oxide allows the blood to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the muscles quickly during intense workout lowering muscle recovery time. You also feel less fatigued with less acidic buildup letting you engage in intense exercise longer.

Of course, as with any diet supplement, you still need to follow a sensible diet and good workout routine to achieve the desired bodybuilding results.

Is it Safe to Stack These Two Supplements?noxor platinum reviews

Some brands of supplements do not work well together. Their intake may cause negative reactions and unwanted side effects. But with Noxor Platinum Edition and Androx Extreme, you can be sure that there are no side effects. Both have been tested together and work well without any issues.

Moreover, the manufacturers of these supplements, Noxor LTD and Androx Ltd, certify that their products are of high quality and made of natural ingredients. These products contain no fillers, additives and substances that will endanger your health.

Who Can Take These Supplements?

These products are intended for the use of adult men only. Men of any age can take these supplements. But these are especially recommended for men who wish to buildup their muscles yet find it hard to get results. Perhaps you’ve passed the prime age and your workout intensity has tapered off. You get tired easily or it may be that you do not have enough muscle-building hormones now. Don’t worry, you can still achieve the results you want with a little help from these testosterone booster and nitric oxide supplement that even professional bodybuilders use.

You can enjoy working out at higher intensity with greater stamina and energy. Fatigue won’t prevent you because you won’t feel as tired as before. You’ll be inspired and won’t feel that your efforts are useless. You’ll realize that the time you spent at the gym is worth it as your see your muscles grow faster.

Where Can You Buy These Supplements?

You can buy Noxor Platinum Edition & Androx Extreme from their official websites. Making a purchase is easy and secure. You may also find free trial offers for the products. Pay attention to the details because the terms and conditions of the offers are different for each of the products.

For Noxor Platinum, there’s no money back guarantee. But there’s an offer for a free bottle of the product and interested new customers just pay shipping and handling of $4.95.  For regular customers, should they wish to cancel their product subscription, they can call customer support to cancel before next month’s payment processing to avoid being charged again.

For Androx Extreme, there’s a 100% money back guarantee. If customers are not satisfied with the product, they can return the item within 14 days and they get a refund minus some fees.

Again, read carefully everything written in the offer page to avoid confusion and unwanted charges.

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Final Thoughts

If you really want to have the muscular physique and ripped abs that some women really like, then try Noxor Platinum Edition & Androx Extreme. Using these two natural supplements together will let you get the bodybuilding results you desire in a short time. Don’t forget to follow a healthy diet and good exercise routine to ensure success in achieving your goals. As a caution, if you have certain health conditions, you may also need to ask your doctor’s advice first before trying out the product.

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