Night Time Exercise Safety

Night Time Exercise Safety

We all know that exercising on a daily basis is one of the most important parts of staying fit. Performing physical activity on a regular basis will ensure proper muscle maintenance, cardiovascular health, balance, coordination, and is just good for your overall health. For many people the time of day that they exercise is very important, and some people like the day time while others like to do it in the dark.

That being said I myself prefer to exercise either late at night or early in the morning. That’s because early in the morning is the time when the world is still sleeping and I can get my exercise in without having to see too many people or worry about all of the cars getting in my way. I love to exercise in the peace and quiet because it gives me time to think without having to concentrate on anything else but building up a sweat. That’s all beside the point that working out before or after the sun is in the sky means that it’s not so blistering hot either.

However there is a problem when it comes to exercising in the dark and that is visibility. Quite frankly it can be somewhat dangerous to exercise in the dark because cars can’t see you very well, and that means that there is a big risk of being injured or even killed by one of those cars. There are way too many runners and bikers that don’t have the proper lighting or safety gear to make sure that they are seen, and that is a recipe for disaster.

You need to make sure that you are adequately prepared for exercising in the dark in order to avoid that disaster. Here are some tips you can follow and items that you can purchase in order to make exercising in the dark as safe as can be.


A Trainer’s Vest

The first thing that you can purchase to make sure that cars can see you well so you don’t get hit by them is a trainer’s vest. These vests are highly reflective so that cars will be able to see you. Also, these vests are very lightweight so they won’t get in the way of your running or biking, not to mention that they couldn’t be easier to put on or take off. These vests even have a little slot in the front where you can store your contact and emergency information in case something were to happen. Remember, letting cars know you are there is one of the most important things that you can do when exercising in the dark.


Reflective Tape

This kind of reflective tape is really useful for both runners and bikers because it can be put anywhere. Many people have dark coloured clothing and that’s no good for exercising in the night or in the dark in general. You can put this tape anywhere on your clothing to create a reflective surface, and you can even stick it on your bicycle as well. This is especially important for bikers because when you’re cycling quickly it can be very easy to get hit by a car.


A Light

A light is a very important thing to have if you are going to be exercising in the dark, and that goes for running and biking too. A light is perhaps the most important thing that you can have to protect yourself, and even better is a light that flashes or pulsates as that will let cars see you even easier. If you are exercising early in the morning it is a good idea to wear a light that faces behind you and one that faces in front, that way people coming from both directions can see you.


A Reflective Jacket, Hat, or Sleeves

All of these items are great for running or biking in the dark. The best is of course the reflective jacket, however it can be quite cumbersome, not to mention quite hot as well. In that case the best alternative is to wear a reflective sleeve or at the very least a hat.


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