Mood Improving Exercises

Mood Improving Exercises

Having a bad mood or being in a funk, like some people like to say, can ruin your whole day. Whether you’re feeling angry, depressed, anxious, or stressed out, those emotions can have a really big effect on how the rest of your day goes. When you’re in one of these moods you may feel like turning to something like food, smoking, or alcohol, but none of those things are healthy at all. The best way to get over any kind of funk you are in is to exercise. Exercise is great because it causes your brains to release endorphins which are proven to relieve depression and bad moods in general.

Different moods can be relieved or improved through several different forms of exercise. Each mood has a slightly different exercise set to help you get feeling happy again. For example, anger is best released by doing really physical exercise, as opposed to feeling stressed out, in which case you want to do relaxing exercises. Keep reading and find out just what kind of exercises you can do to improve various bad moods.


When You Are Feeling Angry

When you’re angry, you want to do really physical exercises that will really help you release all of that anger. You can do exercises like boxing or kickboxing, shadowboxing, or any kind of martial arts that lets you hit something or someone, legally and in a controlled manner of course! These things are all great because not only will every punch and kick help you get rid of that anger, but it will also provide you with a fantastic workout too. Boxing and martial arts are fantastic for a variety of things like cardio training, strength training, discipline and focus, agility and swiftness training, and for flexibility and mobility too. When you just want to hit somebody, go to the local gym and hit the bags, or even take a class and spar with a partner.

When You Are Bored

Being bored can be one of the worst mood or mental states to be in, because it makes your mind wander to bad thoughts, and will make you do bad things too, things like eating and being unproductive. So, why not try something new that will give you some exercise and keep you occupied? You can try something like a spinning class or some other kind of group class at a gym, step aerobics, or even get yourself a new fitness DVD so you can exercise at home. Performing physical activity is great for your body in terms of your cardiovascular system, your bone and muscle strength, and it’s great for your mind too. Time will pass really quickly when you’re working out, especially if it’s something new and intersecting, and even more so if you’re doing it with a group of new people. Stop being bored and watching TV all day when you could be training your body and get that fit look that you want!

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