How Leptin Affects People Who Want to Lose Weight

How Leptin Affects People Who Want to Lose Weight

What is Leptin?

Have you heard about leptin? Maybe you have but you did not totally understand what it is. The body has different hormones that are necessary for maintaining energy balance. Hormones also play important roles in things like hunger, appetite and rate of metabolism.

One of the most important hormones in the body is leptin. It takes part in the intake and consumption of energy. This hormone activates the leptin receptors inside the hypothalamus that is a necessary process to regulate body weight.

Leptin is called the satiety hormone that the body fat cells produce. You may think that the more body fat cells a person has, the more leptin produced.  Then, leptin tells the body to eat less food and helps maintain the right body weight. However, this is usually not so.

Just take a look at men and women with comparable BMI. Women have three to four times more leptin than men. This shows that something else affects the amount of leptin a person has. It’s not just about body fat per se but the amount of food a person eats. Leptin levels seem to correlate very closely with the levels of blood sugar.

What is the problem with elevated leptin levels?

Leptin resistance is inability of the body to make full use of all the leptin the body produces. People who develop this condition include those who like to feed on junk foods, get no exercise, experience too much stress and get too little sleep. Leptin resistant people have difficulty losing weight and tend to be more obese because of their insensitivity to leptin.

How to overcome leptin resistance? Leptin resistance is not fully understood and experts are still investigating this matter. But in order to regulate the quantity of leptin in the body, it is necessary to regulate body weight and food consumption. Aim to boost the body’s metabolic rate through regular planned activities that eliminate excess fat.

The best thing to do is eat organic foods which would raise leptin levels and fat burning capacity, curb appetite and get over any weight loss plateau. Be prudent in selecting what you eat. Select whole food items and those which are lower in carbohydrate and full of protein. It is recommended to buy organically grown fruits and vegetables and eat them uncooked whenever possible.

To boost your fat burning capacity, eat several small meals daily. This could likewise help reduce your food cravings. In addition, consume good fats opting for minimally processed fats (olive and coconut), various nuts, avocados, olives, and organic animal fats instead of eggs, pastured meat, and dairy. This is going to help you achieve your target.

The protein leptin takes an essential role in the brain. Leptin suppresses food intake by acting in the appetite command centres of the brain. In order to realize success in controlling body weight, therefore, it’s vital to keep control of leptin resistance. Through healthy diet and physical exercise, it is possible.

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