Keranique review – a solution to regrow hair the natural way

Keranique review – a solution to regrow hair the natural way


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What is Keranique?

It is a hair care product or system by a company called Keranique, LLC based in Hoboken, New Jersey, that is scientifically created to regrow your hair in three easy steps, mainly: cleaning, conditioning and treatment.

There has been a rise in Keranique’s popularity mainly its kits and treatments that have main uses for hair regrowth.

This product is typically a market that is a recommendation or focused more in women and includes various treatments like an innovative revitalizing shampoo, volumizing conditioner, lift spray, and regrowth cream, which are wholly part of the hair rehabilitation or treatment program.

The kit includes four products of the following: Amplifying Lift Spray, Scalp Stimulating Shampoo, Volumizing Keratin conditioner and the Hair regrowth treatment. The products are often sold together since there is a created process and a systematic instruction on how to use the products in the most efficient way.

Each product would help in the process and each is necessary in order for the treatment to work best. This kit is highly recommended for women who have hair problems like, loss of hair or thinning hair.

Balding or hair fall is most common in women than in men, which can be because of genetics. Unlike women, who lose hair on a daily basis due to a number of factors even shampooing or brushing of hair.The instructions include that first; the customer must clean or shampoo their hair with the scalp stimulating shampoo, and apply the volumizing Keratin conditioner before applying the hair regrowth treatment and after that, to use the amplifying lift spray.

The amplifying spray is merely an extra product that would help with the process of the treatment, which the bottle instructs to use before the spray.

There was said to be a fifth product that had been discontinued, namely the Follicle Boosting Serum that worked like the treatment itself since it contained the same chemical like Minoxidil. This process can help with increasing the fullness of ones hair, eliminate early balding signs like bald spots, and avoid further thinning of the hair.

Research shows that women often lose 50% of their hair before they realize or discover it since it is practically invisible and unnoticeable until there are obvious thinning signs.

Causes of loss of hair if often linked to stress, anxiety, lack of sleep and depression, among other things and losing hair can often trigger depression due to insecurities that may develop due to the loss of hair and the destruction of ones image since it is not often that a girl has bald spots.

Although the product was not made just for, women but women tend to be more conscious of the way they look, especially their hair.

keranique review

Keranique Australia – How does it work?

Ordering the product will lead you to having a kit of four of their products that will help in the treatment process. It contains the only FDA approved ingredient, claims Keranique, which is made to use for hair regrowth and hair treatment.

Unfortunately, the ingredients and the secrets of their product, like how it is made and what it is made of, are kept and cannot be found anywhere, even on their official website. T

here is, technically, no explanation as to how the product works but with a bit of research, it can be found that a chemical called Minoxidil, is the only chemical ingredient that is approved by the FDA that focuses or has the properties that stimulates hair growth. From this alone, it can be said that the product includes this type of hair growing chemical.

It is natural for a hair regrowth product to have about 5% to 10% of Minoxidil in their ingredients. Products using more of this does not mean that such product would lead to better results when in fact it may cause problems as FDA had discovered through research and testing.

Products like Rogaine, which is another popular type of hair regrowth product that can be often found in any supermarket and it is also found to be cheaper or more affordable.

Rogaine and Keranique have the highest amount of Minoxidil, if compared to other brands, which both product have 2% of in their ingredients. The product works by stimulation of the scalp. At first, it would cause the hair to fall out but it is only to later encourage it to grow thicker and stronger to fight against the possibility of loss again.

It is not proven to work at all times, neither is it proven that it is efficient for everyone. Although, upon further testing, it can be seen that Keranique works just like Rogaine. Reviews of Rogaine and pictures of it may be a possible proof on how Keranique works since both products have the same chemicals and work the same way.

How is it used?

As instructed before, customers must first clean and wash their hair. Apply the shampoo and conditioner before using the treatment and then lift spray. It must be noted that the product will work better if used in the proper order.

To be more specific, the manufacturers have given a detailed and systematic instruction on how to use their product. First, two drops of one milliliter of the liquid or the treatment would do the trick.

Apply it directly on the scalp and not just the hair but also specifically where the roots disappear into where. It is advised to apply it directly or especially where hair loss is most visible. Like the bald spots. Adding to the amount of 1 milliliter will not add to the results but using it regularly is  necessary, as manufacturers say, for better results and to avoid hair loss from coming back because of discontinued use.

Like any other product, the continued usage is often required for better results that would last. Like hair repair types of shampoos. The continued usage makes sure that the scalp or the hair does not thin or falls out again.

What is it made of?

When ordering the product, it does not state in the website what is inside every product forcing you to buy the product first before knowing what the ingredients are.

The ingredients are not available on their official website as well. After successfully purchasing the kit, the ingredients can be found at the back of each product. Chemicals like keratin, citric acid and Cetrimonium chloride are just some of the typical ingredients in each of the bottled products inside the kit.

If you want to know the ingredients before purchasing, you may view them in Amazon. Amazon is the only sure, online shop where you can buy the product and the website itself provides you with the ingredients in each one.

It also advised to order and buy the product in Amazon especially if one plans to have a free trial of the product. A ‘free trial’ does not mean a small version of the kit but just one kit and there is no need to cancel orders like orders from the main official website.

Reading the ingredients often helps in assessing if the product is good for a person or not. It may also help in determining if they have ingredients that would cause side effects due to allergies and other bad effects of chemicals that can be found in hair products. It is advised to read the label before purchasing any product that may be applied directly to the skin to avoid accidents.

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How to buy Keranique?

Many websites, including their official manufacturer’s website, may help in the ordering process of the Keranique Kit. Although it is advised to buy it in Amazon, it is less of a hassle.

Not only that but it is found to be cheaper in Amazon compared to any other website. The product is not sold in every supermarket and if it is, it is often more pricey or hard to find. The product is often bought through orders and mails.

Once ordered, your products will come in two fluid ounce containers. If buying from the manufacturer’s website, it is a bit more expensive.

When buying from the official website, the customer will first be given a kit, namely the ‘risk free trial’ kit, that includes all the necessary products for the treatment and said products would be good for a month after that the manufacturers will continue sending you a kit every month and will continue to charge until a cancellation is ordered.

The kit includes the four products listed above. The four main products that is typically used to have beautiful hair.

Keranique offers their ‘risk free trial’ package for 30 days and after a few days will send you another kit for another full size shipment. You will be continually charged every month if ordered from their official website. Cancellation is possible yet costumer reviews have mentioned the difficulty in cancellations and that Keranique has poor costumer service.

>> Visit Keranique Official Australia Website <<

Side effects

Every product has their side effects and Keranique is not an exception. The FDA is often in charge of testing and researching on chemicals and their side effects, especially if it includes products that may or may not be harmful to the human skin.

The FDA monitors products like Keranique, often calling the companies to have their products tested because of the chemical Minoxidil, found in hair growth formulas such as Keranique. This is due to the fact that Minoxidil, when abused, saying a usage of at least 10% can cause problems like low blood pressure, palpitations or other heart related issues.

Products also included other chemicals like Azelaic acid and Ketoconazole, which causes more damage and aggravates the effects of minoxidil, often leading to more hair loss. This means that these chemicals, when mixed with Minoxidil, irritates the scalp more and the chemical itself making it less efficient and more dangerous to anyone using it.

These chemicals called Azelaic, Ketoconazole, and Minoxidil are discovered to be incompatible with each other and would lead to bad results and infections if mixed together. Keranique, although, does not contain any of these chemicals that would further aggravate the effects of Minoxidil, which means the side effects of minoxidil may be avoided.

Either way, reading the warning label in products is still advisable before usage to avoid accidents, infections, and allergies.

Hair loss is not surprising during the first days of usage since it is part of the process, aside from hair loss, one might also feel an irritated scalp, which may feel dry and itchy. Reading the warning label may help in understanding these normal side effects.

Keranique is made for?

Keranique is like any other hair growth formula containing the same and ample amount of chemicals and ingredients like any other.

Like the other products, their main purpose is to help the scalp regrow hair that has been loss naturally in a natural way to avoid further damaging the scalp like other products.

In other words, it is, basically, Rogaine with another name. Keranique used to offer a fourth product, the Follicle Boosting Serum, which was later discontinued.

This product had a chemical called Kopexil, which is almost the same as Minoxidil and works the same way, although it works from the follicle level. Keranique, however, no longer offers the product.

The product itself is recommended for women, who tend to care more about hair loss than men. Although it is not limited to that since Keranique works like any other hair regrowth product and can be used by anyone suffering from hair loss of thinning of hair.

Keranique is an expensive hair care kit that helps with regrowing hair that works like any other hair regrowth system. Some people may opt to buy a cheaper version that would possibly give the same results since all hair regrowth products work the same because of the fact that they all contain the same and only approved chemical that helps in regrowing hair, namely the Minoxidil.

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* Keranique are available in Australia starting 2016

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