Is Green Coffee Your Weight Loss Ally?

Is Green Coffee Your Weight Loss Ally?

The newly promoted weight loss compound, green coffee bean has gathered a lot of attention these days, due to many manufactures and pharmaceutical companies that use it in their diet supplements. Green coffee beans may seem a common thing to find, but in reality not many places out there where you can find them, especially because anyone used them before in any other way than to make coffee.

Green coffee beans are uncommon due to the fact that people utilizes roasted beans to produce coffee, although there are some places in the Arabia, where green coffee is still used to make coffee. Some say that this is actually the traditional and original way to make the most common drink in the world, our day to day aromatized coffee. In conclusion green coffee beans are normal coffee beans that are not being roasted.

The whole hype around green coffee beans in weight loss environment has started after Dr. Joe Vinson’s study at the University of Scranton in March 2012, where he presented a direct correlation between the consumption of green coffee and weight loss. The test was performed on 16 individuals in a controlled placebo effect study. The study was funded by Applied Food Sciences Inc.

Scientists stated that a single substances contained in green coffee beans could have this effect and that is chlorogenic acid, witch can reduce the absorption of glucose and lower the cholesterol. Although there are not enough evidence that can conclude if green coffee beans will help us lose pounds, many supplement manufacturers considered this a strong base in order to launch several weight loss products containing this specific compound.

Compared with other substances that are highly marketed these days like: raspberry ketones, acai berry extract, african mango extract or goji berry, we must admit that green coffee extract contains some studies and tests, recognized and evaluated. The point is that behind the endorsed persons, marketing campaigns and testimonials, green coffee bean compound started based on a controlled study.

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