How Your Breakfast Calories Affect Your Total Calorie Intake

How Your Breakfast Calories Affect Your Total Calorie Intake

Don’t ever forget to eat your breakfast because it’s very important. Breakfast sets the pace for your eating habits the entire day.

Breakfast as Part of a Healthy Diet

Experts in weight loss say that having a good breakfast is a necessary component of a healthy diet. Most recommend eating a variety of foods including complex carbs, fiber and protein. But there’s no clear input as to the right amount that should be eaten for breakfast in order to effectively control weight.

Big breakfast, more total calorie intake for the day

Some researchers from the Technical University of Munich conducted a study to find out how beginning your day with a big breakfast can affect your diet throughout the day. The result they obtained from the study, which was published in the Nutrition Journal, is slightly different from what is generally believed. They found that the participants in the study, whether obese or normal-weighted, had a higher total calorie intake during the day when they had a big breakfast.

Small breakfast, less total calorie intake for the day

The American Journal of Epidemiology published a study in 2008 where the researchers recommended eating more at breakfast and then less in the later meals of the day to decrease gaining of weight. The National Weight Control Registry stated that the habit of eating breakfast is important in establishing an effective, long-term weight management program in previously overweight adults. So, based on all these information, the researchers agreed that dieters should not miss breakfast, yet the amount should be limited to a small quantity to help minimize calorie intake the rest of the day.

If you’re afraid that you’re gonna have a hard time giving up your morning meal that’s loaded with calories, you need to decide to make good choices. Research studies point out that it’s possible to reduce the calorie intake of your breakfast if you also reduce your post-breakfast meal intake. What you need to do if you’re having bacon, eggs and carbs for breakfast is eat low-calorie meals for lunch and dinner. Now, if your goal is to lose weight, then the best way to go i choose filling, low-calorie foods for breakfast like eggs, Greek yogurt and fresh berries.

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