How To Motivate Yourself To Exercise During The Winter

How To Motivate Yourself To Exercise During The Winter

Exercising on a daily basis is the best way by far to stay healthy and in shape. This is important because after all, staying healthy is the key to a long life, and you only get one of those.

What Kind of Exercise is Good?

It doesn’t really matter what kind of exercise you do as long as you do it properly, and as long as you do a certain amount of it every day. Things like cycling, weight lifting, running, swimming, soccer, football, baseball, and all other types of physical activity are great for keeping your body in peak condition.

The Problem with Exercising

The problem with working out however is that it’s a lot easier said than done, and perhaps the hardest part about working out, is actually finding the motivation to get up and even begin doing it in the first place. For many people this is even more so the case during the winter months.

This is because of the cold and the decreased amount of sunlight leaves a lot of people feeling tired and without energy more often. That’s a problem that you need to get past quickly if you want to stay in shape, so here are some tips on how you can motivate yourself during the winter.

How to Motivate Yourself During The Winter Months

Have The Right Gear

One great motivating tool to have is the right work out gear. This is because having the right gear will pump you up and make you feel ready to hit the gym. Not only that, but people often tell themselves that they can’t work out because they don’t have the right gear, and it works wonders as an excuse not to workout. For this reason always be prepared to exercise; have the proper shoes, gloves, pants, and top!

Find A Winter Sport

Another great way to stay active during the winter and keep yourself motivated to exercise is by finding a winter sport that you really like. Yes, even skiing and snowboarding keep you fit by utilizing your legs and core strength to keep upright while going at high speeds; it’s fun, it’s exhilarating, and it’s healthy! Even better than skiing for your health is something like cross country skiing, because it really utilizes all of the muscles in your body to keep going. Other things that you can do are things like skating or even just going for a winter jog.

Go Straight To The Gym

Something that can really sap your motivation is if you have to go home first after work or school just to get your workout equipment, and by the time you get home you aren’t going to want to go back to the gym. This is why it’s a good idea to bring all of your exercise gear with you to work or wherever your day takes you; it will ensure that you actually make it to the gym.

Work Out During Your Lunch Break

This is another really fantastic way to get some exercise because it will keep you healthy while you work, and it will also stop you from being tempted by fast food and other lunch time office treats.

Sleep In Your Exercise Clothes

One of the hard parts about motivating yourself to exercise is something as simple as putting on your exercise clothes. Taking your pajamas or your regular clothes off to put on work out gear is a pain, and not to mention a good excuse to give yourself not to workout. The way to solve this problem is by sleeping in your workout clothes because you will already be dressed. This is a motivator in itself and it gives you one less excuse not to work out.

Exercise With A Friend

one of the reasons that it might be really hard to stay motivated to work out during the winter is because you are all alone and have nobody to workout with, and this can make things a lot harder. That’s why it’s great to get yourself a fitness date and find a buddy to work out with on a regular basis. If you have nobody that is willing to go with you to the gym then it might be wise to get yourself a personal trainer!


Another really great way to motivate yourself to work out is by staying entertained while you exercise. It’s much easier to exercise for a prolonged period of time if you are entertained and have your mind in a different place while you do it. A great thing to do is to listen to music because listening to fast paced music will cause you to go harder for longer; it’s a scientifically proven fact. Or if you are inside you can always watch TV or a DVD as well because there’s nothing better than watching an action movie while working out. For all of those people that like to use “Exercise is boring” as an excuse, this is how you defeat that excuse.

Train For A Marathon In The Spring

If it’s cold outside and the weather is frightful, it’s a great idea to motivate yourself to exercise by setting a spring time goal. Setting a goal for the spring or summer like running a marathon will give you the motivation needed to keep working out all the way during those cold winter months.

Join An Indoor Sports Team

Joining an indoor sports team is also a really fantastic way to keep motivated during the winter. This is because you will inevitably make friends when you join a sports team, and since it’s winter, playing an indoor sport is probably preferable. Having new friends will motivate you to keep going back and play that sport. Not only is this healthy for your body, it’s productive for your social life too!


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