How to Intensify your Workout Routine

How to Intensify your Workout Routine

Working out is already hard enough to do on a daily basis, because finding the time to get it done can be a real challenge, not to mention finding the motivation to exercise. Most, if not all people, want to get the most out of every workout routine, and to be as efficient as possible in order to get the best results. You can make a few small changes to your workout routine in order to intensify it and get maximum results in a minimal timeframe. Here are some great changes that you can make to your workout to get more results in less time, and they come in the form of taking the exercises you already do, and intensifying them through a simple upgrade in difficulty.


Upgrade from a Stationary Bike to Spinning Class

Riding on a stationary bike is a great way to get into shape, and it’s a good way to get your cardio done without having the pain of high impact exercises. The problem with stationary bikes is that people often get distracted by things like reading or watching a television show, only to realize that after a certain time spent exercising, you’ve actually been reading or watching TV rather than pushing yourself.

A spinning class is a great alternative to the stationary bike, and it’s mainly because of the fact that the class will force you to push yourself harder. One of the reasons that spinning class makes you push harder is because nobody wants to seem weak in front of other people, not to mention that having a good instructor will also make you push yourself harder too. Spinning classes are also fantastic because they involve lots of upbeat and intense music, and it’s proven that listening to this kind of music while exercising will subconsciously make you push yourself to the limit. Spinning classes may be a little difficult for beginners, but remember, you can always take a quick break from the spinning to take a breath, and it’s still better than moseying along on a stationary bike.


Upgrade from The Elliptical Machine to The Stair Climber

Elliptical machines, just like stationary bikes, are great for getting your cardio workout in without all of the stress of a high impact exercise such as running. It’s quite a challenging workout, and it’s made even better because many elliptical machine models let you change the incline on which you exercise at, as well as the intensity too. The problem with elliptical machines is that you can leave them on a low intensity setting, and in the end that means that the momentum doing the work for the most part, not your legs.

The more challenging alternative to the elliptical machine is the stair climber, and while they may look easy, they are certainly not. The main reason for this is that unlike with an elliptical machine, a stair climber doesn’t carry the forward momentum, meaning that every step you take comes from you, not the movement of the machine. Stair climber machines workout a number of different muscles in your lower body, and they work those muscles those muscles harder than any elliptical machine ever would. If you want to ramp up the intensity even more, you can always try not holding onto the railings of the stair climber, because this will force you to utilize your core muscles to keep your balance.

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