Who does not like sweets? But because is known that sugar is harmul, those who don’t want to give up on “sweets” considers honey as an excellent alternative.

The ancient greeks considered honey as “nectar of the gods” and “stars dew”.

To produce 1 kg of honey bees gather nectar from 4 millions of flowers. Half-digested nectar is stored in the comb, then thousands of bees flutter their wings to evaporate the water, that eventualy represents 18 percent of honey. The characteristic  buzzing in the hive is due to the fluttering of thousands of wings.

If the weather is too wet, the bees are not able to reduce the necessary water content from the nectar, and resulted honey may ferment.

And now a very important question: Is honey healthier than sugar? We are very sorry for the beekeepers we must say that the answer is a firm NO. Who exchanged the sugar with the honey jar and think that tyhis way they’re alimentation is healthy they’re wrong.

Sugar and honey are rich sources of glucides. Honey is A mix of 40% fructose, 34% glucose and 2.5% sucrose. When the glucose proportion is higher compared to the water proportion, the honey will turn sugary. The regular sugar is also composed of fructose and glucose, in similar proportions to honey.

It is known that all glucides can be attacked by the bacteria in the mouth, thereby occurrence of dental caries. It is not important if is refined sugar or honey. Important is the amount of acid produced by the bacteria, regardless of the origin of sugar and the duration it stays in the mouth. As a general rule, the more a substance is sticky, sweet, viscous is more dangerous. From this point of view, honey receives a even worse grade than sugar.

In Germany, dental caries and their consequences costs annual over 12 billion euros. Caries prevention is only possible by excluding sweets or by reducing them drastically from the alimentation.

It’s known that the sweets contain a lot of calories in a relatively small volume. These extra calories ingested, unnoticed, lead very quickly to extra kilos, that we can no longer get rid so easy.

From this point of view because it contains about 18% water, the honey is preferred. If 100 grams of refined sugar contains 399 calories, 100 grams of honey provides “only” 300 calories, so is 25% less.

The term “empty calories” is well known in relation to sugar, but honey is not rich in vitamins or minerals substance either. A small exception: pine honey contains some iron. But the 0.8 milligrams of iron per 100 grams of honey can find in a middle-sized carrot and with 300 calories less.

Unfortunately, sugar and honey does not contain ballast substances, quickly absorbing and leading to hyperglycemia followed by hypoglycemia.

When honey is added to cereal or baked cakes, fructose and glucose combines with amino acids, resulting a darker glaze color, at the same time altering the nutritional value of the product.

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